Problem with fractional scaling

Hey everyone, and happy new year.

I recently installed zorin and I am loving it.
But i stumbled across a problem that i cannot solve.

I have a 4k external monitor that i use for my main monitor. As you may understand in 4k everything is tiny, so i tried fractional scaling.
Resulting in screen tearing and lagging, nothing is smooth anymore.

Tried to work on 2k resolution but it is blurry and zorin losts all it's glory.

Also tried font scaling but it is kinda weird that the font is bigger than the ui.

Do you have any ideas?

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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That was one result from searching the forum for “fractional scaling” in title only. Other results may also contain useful info: Search results for 'Fractional scaling in:title' - Zorin Forum

It is true that in Linux as a whole, fractional scaling is a work in progress. It needs mroe work.
The times are changing and 4k monitors, etc. are becoming more common and Linux will need to meet this demand.

I still using old monitor BenQ M2700HD review: BenQ M2700HD - CNET

Yes, fractional scaling is still very much a problem. Either you have blurry fonts or games not running properly in fullscreen. This is not just Xorg. Xwayland has the same issues; blurry fonts or apps not working at all.

@TheTroubledBear what gpu are you using?

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Yep, I agree, Fractional Scaling is an absolute mess. Linux acts like 4K screens are a brand new thing, which is BS. 4K has been around for at least 6-years now, if not longer. And 1440P monitors have been a thing for even longer then that.

While 1440P has been the standard for monitors for some time now. 4K monitors are starting to become the new standard, as new GPU's, are able to drive those 4K resolutions. 8K TV's are becoming more of a thing now as well.

So, the point I am making is, proper scaling for 2K and 4K should already be here in Linux by now, there is no good reason why it is not, other then the fact, that people making the Linux kernel are lazy.

1080P screens are not going to be a thing for much longer, thats just the reality. So eventually, everybody has to upgrade to either 1440P or 4K at some point in the Linux kernel developing world.

So the time is now, get it done kernel makers, were all tired of waiting on ya. lol

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