Problem with grafik card

I have problem on gpu in windows and macos it is working ok but on Zorin i seeing loading screen and login and after login i get crashing and black screen. Sometimes i cannot going to login screen after logo Z and what word is next Z O R I N. Some suggestions?

First suggestion is to name the video card you have. You should know Bourne you have been on tech boards so long :wink:
If you can get to CLI or terminal:

sudo apt install inxi
inxi -Ga

MSI R9 390 Gaming Specs | TechPowerUp GPU Database here is full specification. Well maybe just gpu memory issue.
If electronics will be damaged then not started propably or if chipset died.
I can trying flashing but it flash a chip gpu bios not a memory.
Besides i ordered another from second hand and we will see.

I found old tutorial here from 2021 when @Aravisian help me with R9 390.