Problem with Zorin when uninstall KDE

Hello all.
It is your nightmare horror Bourne on the screen. :rofl:
Don't switch your monitors.
I uninstalled kde plasma desktop but i am sure this isn't 100% uninstalled.
On start menu zorin i have plenty weird software example Akregator, monitor system KDE and etc. also the Zorin Apperance doesn't working. I tried finding on searching on this forum trying word repair desktop,repair apperance but no lucky.
If anyone can found some link or tutorial to how repair that problems could be ok. I also thinking on XFCE many eating RAM after not full uninstalled KDE some background software or something. Mostly using bleach and stacer to clear Zorin from trash.

Propably i need choose lightdm
Wrong choose.
Now i have session:
Zorin Desktop
Zorin Desktop on Wayland.
Before it was only two xfce and Zorin OS Lite.

Apperance working now but now i have mess with desktop. To many what not using.

How did you install xfce/zorin lite ?
Actually can you run the following in the terminal and paste the output?

apt list kde*

I have big mess and chaos with my pulpit desktop. I want only one zorin os lite desktop.
Example when i click on menu logout then i go to the tty1 and when back to zorin i need put a command startx

Yeah, I'd say kde is still there just not a de option. That can be causing issues.

Try apt autoremove -f to see if it purges those packages

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I have message they are not installed but they exist in menu Zorin many software from kde and they are working.
I used that guide from @337harvey

but i still have four type to choose DE on login
Zorin OS Lite
Zorin Desktop
Zorin Wayland
Cannot i get only one type or max 2 ? Besides Zorin os lite isn't xfce?
Desktop and Wayland don't will be working good on xfce installation because they are gnome gdm3 and not lightdm.

Do you seeing my taskbar menu is very weird double things and some channel RSS kde. I told you here is something weird.
Double volume settings and i don't remember i installing some new taskbar menu.

Sorry for the late reply, I've been at work.
I would try this:

apt policy

If there are any ppa entries for kubuntu

apt download ppa-purge
sudo ppa-purge ppa:kubuntu-ppa*

Then try

sudo apt remove kubuntu* -f -y && sudo apt autoremove -f


sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

Then reboot

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If this doesn't work we can try dpkg to manually remove the packages

I will do that tomorrow. Now bedtime.

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Zorin lite is a modified version of xfce. In uninstalling it you will most likely have to reinstall zorin lite desktop, prior to rebooting.

Wayland is an option for most Linux distros, I'm not sure how to remove it.

Gnome is the standard, as you know, for zorin core/ pro.

Kde, if you like it, keep it. So you'll be down to three if you remove the latest xfce and keep lite.

The problem is he tried removing KDE-DEsktop and its not showing as a DE option, but all the packages are there and he has double start menus, and application entries and other bizarre things. Looks like something went wonky on the removal

I reading some information wayland is impossible to remove.
KDE i have that but I don't have to much experience with configuring that. The some tutorials on Zorin how to install example KDE but also need some modification - for simply users that could be difficult.
Gnome i know the Zorin apperance is wrote in Gnome.
So propably uninstalling some that DE distribution i will lost a stable Zorin operating system.

It doesn't help. I reading somewhere the software must be uninstalled manually but i don't seeing them in software store they are installed.
This is something like double things installed on Zorin i remember i used dektop-full or something in kde when i installed that.
I going to synaptic manager on search i wrote KDE.
Anything what he found i marked and deleted.
Will do that also with plasma. Everything now is weird and changed. it looking like gnome but in neofetch is xfce. After restart i have xfce and Zorin OS Lite Desktop.
Wayland and kde all software go away.
The another problem i don't seeing software and some settings in zorin. Nvidia drivers lost,vlc lost. Some software working but not all or someone dissapeard. How it is possible?

Ok. So I repaired the problem with stuff what was there problem now i seeing only two de when login xfce and zorin os lite desktop.
When i started DE working correct but i missing many software in menu when click Zorin on menu start. Where are they missing? Why I cannot seeing them?
It kicked all my software.


sudo apt --reinstall install zorin-os-lite-core  

that should reinstall the lite base software package

No that isn't help i lost some 2GB so the Zorin LIte is now lighter. Lost many software like it reset. Example i don't seeing a choose drivers update from menu list. After installing nvidia drivers where i propably need seeing a xserver settings but i don't seeing. So there is some in Zorin bug where it uninstall all mostly installed popular software. I lost vlc,spotify,discord,propably most everything.
I am curious why i cannot seeing nvidia settings or in settings Zorin which drivers i can choose?

Do you have Lite or Lite-Pro ?

Lite. When you click on my profile is described i using Lite.
I used a command sudo apt install nvidia-settings that help.