Problems installing Zorin Os 17 Pro on laptop

I have tried to install Zorin Os 17 Pro on my Toshiba satellite laptop (celeron 1037u 1.80 ghz, 8gb ram, 500 gb ssd), however when I put the system on a usb pendrive and reboot the computer the window with the installation option does not appear. This surprises me because I have had Zorin Os 16 Pro installed without problems. Moreover, according to the developers requirements it would meet the requirements.
I would be very grateful if you could give me some guidance on this matter.
Thank you very much and happy holidays.

Did you check the SHA256 key against the downloaded .iso? What application did you use on the USB? I find Ventoy to be the best.


Are you sure your machine is configured to boot from the USB stick, or if not, that you've hit the key combination to bring up the boot menu so you can manually choose at boot which drive is booted from?

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The boot usb is created with the Ubuntu tool, boot disk creator. This bootable usb disk allowed me to install it on my personal computer without any problems.
Thinking that there could be a configuration problem I created a bootable usb, using the tool mentioned above, of Linux Mint 21.2 cinnamon and there was no problem on the laptop, as it appeared, once rebooted and configured the setup of the bios, the window with the options to install Linux MInt on the laptop.

Ok, that out of the way, I'll give you the same advice as I give everyone... wipe the USB stick and install Ventoy on it. It'll then have two partitions... one small partition with the Ventoy files, and one large blank partition.

Then download the Zorin OS .ISO file. Don't unpack it or uncompress it or mess with it in any way... just drop that .ISO file onto the large, blank partition. Name the .ISO file something intuitive (ZorinOS17.iso or somesuch).

While you're at it, download the Hiren's Boot CD Win10 PE .ISO and drop it on there, too (name it Win10PE.iso or somesuch)... just in case you need Windows (I use that to update the BIOS/UEFI and the trackpad firmware, since they're only provided in Windows-specific file formats).

Next time you boot, Ventoy will pick up that you've got bootable .ISO files available, and it'll pop up a menu allowing you to choose which .ISO file to boot.

I just keep that boot USB stick plugged into a USB hub, so I can easily boot the "LiveCD" version of Zorin OS to do full-disk backups. I've set up the Grub menu to include the Ventoy USB stick... it usually defaults to just booting Zorin OS from the hard drives after 10 seconds, but I can just change the menu selection to boot the USB stick.

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Have you tried shutting ON or OFF Secure Boot in the BIOS?

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