Questions About Customizing GRUB

Running ZORIN 17
I have a few questions about customizing grub. I want something minimal but a little more than the default grub theme. I have read here from @Aravisian
that it is not a good idea to install the grub customizer app. I opened the /etc/default/grub file in terminal and can see the line for the theme.

Q: Once I backup my grub file, what is the recommended way to install a grub theme on ZORIN 17? I'm assuming after downloading and installing , I can just edit the theme line in grub to point to the new theme - right?

Q: Are the themes on ZORIN compatible?


Yes, you can use themes from Gnome-Look. I am using a grub theme that I made rather than downloaded. Good eyes on you - that line in the grub file points to the theme.
After making any changes to the grub file, be sure to run sudo update-grub after saving the file.
I am notorious for forgetting to do that...

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I use a little modified Version of this GRUB Theme (the Zorin Version).

You unpack the Theme for Example on the Desktop. Then You must put the Theme Folder in the right Path. There is the Option to put it on /boot/grub/themes/ but You must control if this exists.

I was gone another Way. I used an already existing Path. The One from the Zorin Theme. That is /usr/share/grub/themes/

So, I moved the Grub Theme Folder to this usr-Path. Then I opened the Terminal and typed sudo nano /etc/default/grub and there I went to the Line with ''GRUB_THEME''. The Zorin One I commented out with a # at the Beginning of the Line. One Line under it I typed GRUB_THEME=/usr/share/grub/themes/[Name-of-GRUB-Theme-Folder]/theme.txt and then I pushed ctrl+o, Enter and ctrl+x. Then the Window was closed and I was back at the Terminal. There I typed sudo update-grub and that's it. Then I've made a Reboot to test it.


Thanks for the replies! This is exciting! I am going to learn about these themes too in case I want to know how to code my own.

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:grinning: I did it! It worked - with your help!

  • edited the grub file in /usr/share/grub/themes by commenting out the default and adding my new line
  • ran sudo update-grub
  • Only other thing I had to do was since the permissions for the system folder was root owned; in terminal sudo cp -r /theme folder /system folder

It was cool how the update-grub command scanned my system for other boot installs! That was like icing on the cake!

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Yes, good Point. Sorry, that I didn't explained that.