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Hi all.
I recently upgraded to Z17 but seems I lost my D (data drive).

I have dual boot with 2 SSDs (1 Win 11 and 1 Z17) and an additional SSD for my data (d)

  1. how/where can i make sure D is correctly mounted?

I don't think it is correctly mounted as I do not see /dev/sda2 in

  1. I took the below print screen in a YouTube video where we can see a drive on a Linux desktop:


I want the same with my D can I make an icon directly on my desktop pointing directly to D?

thank you

In your screenshot there are three drives. First you need to identify which one of them is the external drive for your data, the so-called D drive.

Once you know you have two options:

  1. Specify manually the mount point for this particular drive. A mount point is a specific location in your filesystem where this drive will be accessible. By default this location can be in directories suchas /mnt or /media.

    To change this, you need to add an entry on the /etc/fstab file. You can do this through the Disks software, please take a look at this thread for an example:

    Help with secondary hard drive and mounting - #3 by zenzen

  2. Another option, is to create a symbolic link which is the equivalent of a shortcut in Windows. It's exactly what it sounds like, a phony folder that when access it refers to the contents of another location in the system.
    I only know how to do this with a terminal command which would look like this:

    ln -s <path_to_mount_point> <path_to_shortcut>

    So, if your drive is at /etc/sda2 and you want the shortcut in your desktop under the name "data_drive" you would do:

    ln -s /etc/sda2 /home/arkhane/Desktop/data_drive

Personally, I think option 1 is better because if the drive is not mounted for whatever reason then you'll have no icon at all. Whereas with option 2 there would be an icon pointing to nothing, or even worse: to another drive which is not what you expect nor want.

Thank you

The D drive is the one highlighted in blue in the print screen...

Actually I found the content in /mnt/data

Knowing this does the drive is correctly mounted?

for the shortcut I tried the following command:

ln -s /mnt/data /home/arkhane/Desktop/data

it created me a shortcut on my desktop but when I try to access it I have the error message


how can I solve this?

We can see here /mnt/data exist


File names are case-sensitive, so you'd need to type "Data" instead of "data".

If you can see the contents then yes.

thank you but still NOK with Data

ln -s /mnt/data /home/arkhane/Desktop/Data


The name of the link doesn't matter, you can call it whatever you want it doesn't need to be the same, but it needs to point to the exact location:

Try with:

ln -s /mnt/Data /home/arkhane/Desktop/Data

Thank you!

Did not understood you were talking about the 1st "data"...OK now...


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what does means the small green bubble we can see ?

Yeah, sorry I should've been more specific about that.

Just be careful since there's a chance if you plug another drive that is also mounted on /mnt/Data the link will automatically point there, so just something to consider. The first option of specifying a more direct mount point is safer, although it can cause permission issues if you have multiple users in the same machine.

It means that is a link to a file, not a file itself.

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so I can delete this shortcut it will not delete the content? Just the shortcut? correct?

Yes, that's right only the file not the contents it points to.

Thank you very much

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