Questions about Zorin Before switching

Right know i have been sick of windows, and found ZorinOS through Youtube.

Right now I am running ZorinOS on a VM, Core 16.1 with 4gb, and 20gb in the ubuntu setting. I have some questions,

  1. When i press the start menu key, it opens like the window manager thing, Can i make it open the start menu?

  2. I have heard people in the linux community joke around of actually find drivers for my video card, I am on a ASUS VivoBook with a 500gb SSD, Mobile Ryzen 7 3700U CPU, Raedon Vegas 10 Graphics, Would this work and should I use lite or core?

I am using Vmware workstation 16 without a commercial license.

Custom Keyboard shortcuts can be created in Settings < Keyboard < Application Shortcuts.

Users sometimes need to manually install the graphic drivers in case of failures, But the community can help you with that. You can use Core (gnome) heavier with more features and lite (xfce) with similar features and both can be customised. It's entirely your choice :smiley:

Please use this guide during your switch :wink:

In Settings, you can set the Windows Icon key to open the App Menu.
In Linux, this is called the Super key.
Start Menu is often called the App Menu.

The AMD drivers are included in the Linux kernel. You should not need to do anything further in most cases.
If you are heavily into gaming, you may need to do some additional work.
The Linux Kernel is the same on either Lite or Core.


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