Ram usage of Zorin 15 Vs Zorin 16

Which OS uses more RAM/CPU? According to the Zorin blog it says

Speed has been a top focus in Zorin OS 16, so the desktop runs dramatically snappier on a wide range of hardware, old and new.

So which uses less resources?

Honestly, I would say that they are about even with eachother on CPU and RAM usage.
I see faster performance on Zorin 16, very notably so, even. However, this is not due to a difference in RAM or CPU usage as much as how processes are initialized.

So it would run quite well with 4GB of ram and Core 2 Duo T4200 (2GHz) ?

Both would run equally, I would think. Perhaps 16 would have a slight edge.
The processor looks good for most functions; RAM is getting to the Low Side, these days. It should be usable but if you get the opportunity to up your RAM, take it.

I3 6th Gen with 4GB ram would that be sufficient for a smooth experience on Zorin 15 or 16

That is a much better spec machine than I am running Z15.3 Core on at the moment, so I give that a definite Yes.

If you are about to do an install, I suggest you have a quick look at this advice. Before you install

Also there is an unofficial Manual for Z15 you can download here: Unofficial Manual for Zorin 15 - #5 by swarfendor437

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