Readability issues

Does anyone have a recommendation for GTK themes for improved visibility? I have a couple of issues.

The slider is barely visible. I have searched for answers, and it appears others also find this irritating.

I have used Zorin appearance, fonts to increase font size, but for some reason those increased font sizes do not manifest in Kaffeine. I have a PC behind a 60" TV to record videos and surf the internet. In that situation the Kaffeine font sizes are about 1/4 the size of the rest of my applications, which makes them barely visible.

Thanks, Ed

I don’t know if this helps: How to enable screen scaling on high resolution displays

Yes, that did fix the problem! Now I just have to go back and reverse the upscalling I did on my browsers.

Any quick fixes for the ridiculously narrow sliders? I switched to the Adaero theme which helped. Am I correct I will have to go in and edit a .css file?

Thanks, Ed

For some reason, at 125% the text displayed on the panel and zorin menu (when clicking the Super key) are blurry, somewhat pixelated. So, I switched back to 100% scaling. However, I am thankful for the choice given to me with the Wayland desktop.

Not a system wide fix, but this Firefox extension allows custom changes to the scrollbar in FF: