Recent updates broke the desktop wifi connection to my printer

I've been running Zorin paid 15 and 16 on my desktop for three years now. Intel i10700, ASUS Strix X470 mb, 32Gb RAM, 2Tb Samsung 980 Pro (upgraded mid 2022 from 1Tb 970 Pro).

I'm running an HP Office Jet Pro 9015e printer.

All has been going well until an update over the weekend, now the desktop Zorin cannot find my wifi printer.

I've updated my 2021 HP Spectre X360 laptop with all current updates, and still have wifi printer access.


For anyone who has experienced the same disconnect with their wifi printer, it seems that Zorin 16 removed the printer. When I've looked in settings it shows my printer only grayed out. Today after my umteenth start, the printer is gone, and I was now both able to add and remove a printer. Once removed Zorin sees the printer again, and adding it is as easy as it has been since I started with Zorin. No idea how or why my printer was grayed out on this desktop, but still functioned from my Zorin 16 laptop.
Regardless, it is now working, and me contemplating a move to another distro has abated (for now).