Reduce height of titlebar and size of controls?

Is there a way to reduce the height of the title bar and the size of the controls so they are more windows 95 sized?

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I’m guessing not without tweaks.

I downloaded tweaks and still can’t figure it out

I don’t think there is a setting in Tweaks that will do it, if there is I have not discovered it.
Only thing I could do was to remove titlebar within Firefox itself. That helps increase browser screen area. All other windows have oversized titlebar.

Sorry for the confusion. I didn’t mean Gnome Tweaks. I meant that I don’t think there is any option offered, by default, in Zorin. One would have to tweak the existing configuration - whether through 3rd party mods or directly themselves. That is why I cited that thread in my prior post.

Out of interest, now that you are playing around with Xfce instead of Gnome, do the titlebars also look tall on that DE?
I mean by comparison.

To reduce the headerbar height in Zorin Core, you can modify or create a file in ~/.config/gtk-3.0/gtk.css

paste the below into it, then log out and in to test. Note that the Min Height value (In this copy set to 24) is the value that most reflects your change and you can set that value to a more desired height.:

headerbar entry,    
headerbar spinbutton,    
headerbar button,    
headerbar separator {    
    margin-top: 0px; 
    margin-bottom: 0px;    

headerbar {    
     min-height: 24px;    
     padding-left: 2px; 
    padding-right: 2px;    
    margin: 0px;
    padding: 0px;    
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Not to me - they look fine. But the navigation buttons under the menu (under File, Edit, etc) seem large. Maybe just my eyes.

That is set by Toolbar height. The same principle used for Headerbar height above can be used to customize the css for toolbar height in either Gnome or in XFCE.
Also, this can be changed by setting

button {
-gtk-icon-style: regular; }


 button {
-gtk-icon-style: symbolic; }
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