Reduce Space Between Folders


How to reduce the space between folders? Even Google couldn't help me to find an answer. I'm sure it will be easy!

Please help :slight_smile:


This never occurred to my mind to change the folder spacing. I think @Aravisian is the master of customization here.

In Nautilus, the only way to do so is by increasing icon size as default. You can do this in Gnome-Tweaks
Tweaks->System/File Manager->Thumbnail icon size

or by using dconf-editor:

No options in Gnome-Tweaks

Ummm... (I dunno, I do not use Gnome.)


Dconf-Editor needs to be installed...Dconf-Editor is outdated? Will work fine with Zorin?

I have it installed and use it. :neutral_face:

Installed dconf-editor. Tried changing from standard to small. Not working!

You may need to reload the desktop or log out and in again to see the changes... Otherwise, perhaps @Storm or @StarTreker can come to the rescue. @Storm is the best Gnome Customizer on the forum.

Try Dconf Editor.


If the setting is there, change its value.

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CTRL + Mouse Wheel will change the folder size in Folder View mode. The change is automatically reflected in dconf-editor (you don't need to set it there). But the spacing seems to be the same between folders, except maybe the largest.

CTRL + Mouse Wheel will also change the spacing between lines in List View.

Its been so long since I have done that, that I totally forgot you could do that. That is the same command you can use on web browsers to do the same as well. Thanks for mentioning that Topaz.

These are the same steps followed by most OS (ctrl+scroll down), I tried that. Only folder size is reducing, not the space between folders! Now one folder will fit easily between folders! It's weird that there is no direct option to do this :thinking:

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It is one of many Gnome Feature removals; The Compact layout.

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