Release Date Zorin 17.1

Hi! I'm very excited about the release of ZorinOS 17.1 because I hope there will be a newer kernel version which will support more M2 SSD hardware. At this moment I can only use 16.3 which instantly and after a reboot recognizes my M2 SSD :frowning: ZorinOS 17 does seem to have problems with handling newer hardware, someone seems to have this problem too:

The only information about a date which I could find are in this post:

@AZorin mentions February/March as a possible release date.
Does anybody know anything more? Is this period still being targeted?
What's the current standing? Every little detail would be very interesting! :smiling_face: I can't wait to test 17.1! :slight_smile:

ZorinOS Generally works in a "release when it's ready"-kind of way. As such, there's no real ETAs to be given at this point in time.

What was said about kernels is true though, Canonical still supports them.


The rough average for point releases is about 6 months which might vary 1-2 months. So given 17 was released in December, you can expect 17.1 maybe in June 2024. That's just a guesstimate based on past releases. If 16.3 is working and 17 is not, it may be that something was deprecated from the kernel so it is possible 17.1 won't improve. I am just applying some reason - I have no information on what will be in the kernel - way beyond my comprehension skills.

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Did You use Zorin 17 with the 6.2 Kernel? Because Zorin 17 got an Kernel-Update and now runs with the 6.5 Kernel.

And when You need a newer Kernel you could install it.

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Last time I tried it with Zorin 17 was in january :slight_smile: I have Zorin 17 installed on a basic 2,5" SSD to boot my main computer from this disk to check if Zorin recognizes the internal M2 SSD :smiley: thanks for this idea, I could check if the current kernel/zorin-updates for 17 recognize my M2 better! I'll definitely let you know how it behaves now with the current zorin17 updates!

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I hope that it work for You.

Thank you so much!!! Indeed, meanwhile ZorinOS 17 uses Kernel 6.5.0-21! So it's newer than 6.5.0-15 when I had the problems!

I am so happy to use the new ZorinOS on my new computer, it's an awesome feeling. This is the most beautiful and stable debian based OS I know <3

Thank you @Ponce-De-Leon for the idea about updating the 17-Version :slight_smile:

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