Remote win 10-11 into Zorin

Need to RDP from win to Zorin 16.x. ...
Installed xrdp --
With xrdp normal user name "USER" will not allow access or logon.

Added new zorin user "win" and can logon but entire desktop is replaced by something called 'xfce' ---

Looking to simply remote in to zorin with from win.

Please advise.
Thank you.

Zorin Core or Lite?

Believe it to be core (paid version)

so, it's pro, not core. could you open the file manager on a random folder and send me a screenshot of it?
@Aravisian, don't mind the rude method. Question for you: how to look at what the running DE is from a terminal?

I think I know,


Thanks for the follow up ... I don't know Lunix - hell of a learning curve.

There is not a direct method. As in, a command that will tell you "Zorin Core" or "Zorin Lite" or "Zorin Pro".
The method you employed:

is effective and one I have used myself.
Looking at the key differences between Gnome and XFCE is the easiest way.

Between Core/ Lite and Pro, there is the option of checking how many Layouts the user has available in the Layouts Setting Screen - or seeing if the terminal commands for the premium packaging works.

oh we're talking about zorin editions. I thought about checking if we use gnome or xfce or cinnamon. My bad.

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This is the XFCE Desktop. So if you are using the Pro version, you are running Pro Lite (Great Choice, by the way. :wink: )

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Sorry - Don't know lunix trying to learn about it. Not sure what you are taking about. :slight_smile:
Afraid don't enough to formulate what is correct question to ask.

Attempting to set up win-10 11 remote desktop to Linux (Zorin paid).

It was not very long ago that I was in the same boat. When I switched from Windows to Zorin OS, I had only ever known Windows, with its Standard of only One Desktop Environment.
On Linux, there are a great many desktop environments and you can choose which one suits your needs and preferences the best.

A Desktop Environment is the workspace in which your User Interface takes place.
This is the content displayed on your screen:
The panel (taskbar) at the bottom, the launchers for applications and the app menu, the File Manager, the settings and so on. This is the environment that you "live" in on your desktop.

Zorin OS comes with Two available:

You can install different ones, like Linux Mints Cinnamon desktop or KDE's Plasma Desktop. Each is different and offers different features, different workflow and different options.

This may look daunting on the surface, but it really is not daunting at all. It is no different from you driving your car, then switching and borrowing a friends car. You locate the headlight switch, the shifter location etc and about three seconds later, you are on the road.
If you have never driven a car before, those differences would look daunting. But after being a driver even a week or two, they seem pretty normal and easy to understand.
(This is a side topic stemming from determining your D.E. (Desktop Environment) in order to troubleshoot creating an RDP connection).


Assume I using Gnome -- can you tell from the screen shot?

When I remote in changes to XFCE desktop.

Yes. Gnome has a slightly different layout, won't show workspaces on the right and the headerbar would be in CSD's rather than having a Window Manager create window borders. I realize that what I just said was probably in Greek...

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[I realize that what I just said was probably in Greek...]
Well put ... :slight_smile:

Here you go. This is how gnome looks like.

XFCE is the proper Desktop environment on Zorin OS Pro Lite or Zorin Lite.

Can you elaborate on where you are running into trouble?

[Can you elaborate on where you are running into trouble?]
When I remote in to Zorin -- desktop changes to XFCE . Looking to remote in with normal desktop (Assume I using Gnome).

I am sorry, I do not understand. I cannot assume that you are using Gnome... I must know. Your screenshot showed XFCE and your RDP sets to XFCE, so this looks normal.
Moreover, the RDP would not switch to XFCE on its own accord.
It would show the Installed and normal desktop environment for the system you are connecting to.
Zorin OS Core does not come with XFCE installed and Zorin Lite does not come with Gnome installed.

You can see how I am having trouble understanding the issue here.

Yes we agree. Don't know what desktop I am using & don't know enough to ask the correct question.
Thanks for the help. we did try .

Your screenshot shows XFCE... Is that screenshot from your normal use desktop?