Remove/disable gmail “My Files” at startup

During Zorin 17 startup, a “Unlock Keyring”/authentication window pops up;

This popup precludes any other operations, (such as “screen grab”), so I took a picture with my cellular phone. (FWIW, the folder “salvage From- second install” contains the CSV/HTML files for transferring previous bookmarks/passwords to Firefox/Google Chrome… the second folder"J5" is a test of moving photos from my cell phone, via Zorin Connect feature)

I believe this "keyring" popup is subsequent to running Zorin Connect (Google Play store?)

After obediently entering "keyring" password, two desktop icons appeared:
(these folders are not shown in the photo, as they would be prefaced with my gmail address)
1, with a mount/unmount symbol (upward-pointing triangle underlined) labelled with my gmail account

2, folder labelled “My Files”, likewise, with gmail account.

To my horror, this folder contained files that, to the best of my knowledge,

I have never associated with my gmail account…

some also contained a sub-folder labelled with Cryllic (Russian?)

I have never, nor shall I ever, use “cloud features”; Microsoft, Google, or otherwise.

(It is bad enough that my emails hang out for… whatever, on other servers, in the ether.)

Most disconcerting is that these files randomly originate from my, yet intact Win10/NTFS ssd… none of them are logically associated, with the exception that they are on the same drive.

To Explain:

I installed Zorin OS 17 on new/fresh/clean SSDs

As a “fallback”, I removed the WIN10 SSD, prior to Zorin install.

The purpose being that, previous files created, in WinWorld, would remain intact/accessible.

(these can be transferred to Zorin, via SSD/USB3.0 adapters.)

An Aside: while drafting this note (LibreOffice Writer) a “keyring authentication” popup has appeared several times;

Cancel means “NO”… the same “NO” as 10 minutes ago >:(

My immigration to Zorintopia was inspired by the desire to extricate myself from the tyranny of the “Old Country”;

Google/Alphabet has (inevitably?) become the Borg-like behemoth to compensate for the shortcomings of the Microsoft emancipation. (Thanks, Bill, it’s been a wild ride… time to move on to the new lands.)

Similarly, I had hoped for non-Hotmail/non-Gmail email;

I vaguely recall where Thunderbird offered “@t-bird” email (as in “” or, “”)...alas, subsequent to Mozilla assimilation, this is no longer the case. Evidently, Thunderbird has been reduced to a kinda-sorta email, calendar, etc. “manager”.

With machines light-years beyond a Cray-Y, virtually limitless bandwidth and the pothole-riddled labyrinth of AI “problem solving”, the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius may have condemned humanity to little more than silent, resigned rage.

With the advent of self-immolating, self-crashing electric go-karts, I shall forever remain loyal to my old Mercedes Diesel; Once I'm dead, it will no longer be your problem.
...but I digress...

I have often noticed things linked by Google that I never linked.
Google has a longer reach than many users may expect.

If you are using gmail, then they already have accessed your files, pictures and anything else that may show your interests.

This is not a Zorin OS thing, in any way. Users that do not access gmail from Zorin OS never experience what you describe.

Understood... (and acknowledged)
(within my diatribe, one may have detected my... "consternation")
Had hoped that, possibly, one that had dutifully followed the initial Zorin setup process (gmail/google associations,etc.), some may have had similar... "irritations"... and found a solution to this pestilence.

Any advice regarding email/browser services?
(fee-based, devoid of advertising/junk, is preferred)... would also like to be rid of the nifty "crapware" on my cell; I bought, and pay for my uses... not the marketing "geniuses".

To date, Firefox... and muddled my way through Mozilla setup (I think)

Again, many thanks for your sage advice (and time).
(BTW, Picard, Exaile, Asunder installed... next, the ardous endevour of re-ripping my CD/DVD/Bluray collection... WMP dumped Track 1 of most albums to an "unknown" file... there's gotta be pony in here, somewhere)
best regards,

I certainly wish that I had a solution to Google.
Sadly, the only solution I can think of involves all people to let go of mindless convenience and that... is hard to achieve.

This is a can of worms in its own right.
Almost all browsers are "free-cost" and therefor will cover costs by covering their self-interests, not the users. Many make bold promises about security and privacy, in an age when these words are a marketing gimmick rather than meaningful.
Many users will attest to the privacy of some things, even as others argue against it.

I use protonmail for my email. I use Ecosia for my web search engine.

I use a de-googled chrome based browser; but I make no claims about browsers as a whole since it becomes an effort in futility.

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sounds like another, among the bazillions, project for the Ubuntu/Zorin crew(s);
A not-so-insignificant prime motivator for emigrating to Linux/Ubuntu/Zorin
fwiw, AFAIK, many would be more than willing to pay to be spared this pestilence.
next: Protonmail, Ecosia

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YIKES! (and I thought my postings were "effusive")

As alluded to, my files are likewise stored on my non-mounted sdb drive
(that will always be so, while surfin'.)
are you familiar with this "sudo -i" function?
Or, as an alternative, when the Keyring popup appears (disrupting/blocking larger print projects), go ahead and enter... then "unmount".?

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