Remove Zorin OS from a dual boot Windows 10 installation?

I recently installed Zorin OS onto my laptop as a test - the laptop is running Windows 10 therefore since installing Zorin OS I get a menu on power up allowing me to select which OS to boot from.

Is there an EASY way to remove Zorin OS and restore the laptop to booting solely into Windows 10 with no menu?


In windows you can simply erase the Zorin partition then in Bios select Windows as the first boot option.

Erase partitions in Windows

Accessing the bios varies according to your computer. Just google it. It's super simple to set windows as the first boot option.


Just an advisory here, don't Google anything if you wish to maintain your privacy. Use first and if that does not get results, use Brave search engine as Mojeek offers alternative search engines. For future reference you might want to take a look at using EasyBCD as this protects the Windows Boot process and prevents it being overwritten by GRUB.

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If you remove Linux from a Win 10 dual boot you will have to repair Windows boot. Deleting the volume is only part of the process.

When I said "google it", I was referring to a general internet search using whichever method or browser the OP prefers, not the corporation, Goggle. (indicated by the capital "G")

While it's important to have good privacy practices and to educate others on it, I think it's also important we not push or insist others follow our personal preferences.

Very often, Linux users are more privacy aware than the average user. Yet, many still choose to use gmail, YouTube and so on. Allow people the freedom to use and choose whatever they prefer.

That argument leaves people open to being turned into herd behaviour. As other OS's tend to be spyware, people need to be educated and to appreciate freedom while we still have it, better still to maintain it.

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