Replace Ctrl Key to Super key (Copy-Paste Functions etc)

I'm using a Macbook air for Zorin OS, and as a mac user my whole life it's an absolute disaster for my memory to use ctrl key for for simple tasks like copy paste etc. Could someone please help me out as to how i can set those functions to the Left-Super-Key? That would be really helpful. It seems like one can't do much to customize the said key. :sleepy:

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

  1. Open settings from Application menu
  2. Select Keyboard shortcut

You can also install Gnome-Tweaks from Software if you need more customization.


Hi French Press,
thanks for the warm welcome :relaxed:
and the Gnome-Tweak did the magic. :trophy: Thank you very much. Really appreciate it. :sunglasses:


I am glad that I could solve your problem :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I am a former mac user (Hackintosh to be precise) and I wrote some tips for Apple keyboard and Magic trackpad in the Tutorial section. You might find them useful:

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That's very well thought of. Many thanks. :blush: I'm bookmarking it. This makes me more comfortable to use Zorin as my default system at home. At the end it's the ease of use that makes the Transition much more enjoyable. :sunglasses:

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I love Gnome tweaks, I swear by it myself. One of the things that I have used Gnome Tweaks for, was setting my new custom theme for my OS, works beautifully.

Great job FrenchPress! :+1:


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