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I cannot see what I amd typing here so I hope it is understandable.
The Zorin launcher (the left hand column that shows when you click the "Z" is awful. Does anyone have any recommmendations on what to replace it with? Detailed instructions on how to do the replacement woukld be appreciated, too. I am a newbie and I cannot solve the problem when I get error messages in Terminal. If you know of a package installer, would be much better. Thanks.

It is - though... is your inability to see what you are typing an issue that needs solving?

Are you using Zorin Pro? Core?

sudo apt install gnome-tweaks

After that installs, in Zorin menu > System Tools, you'll see an icon entitled "Tweaks". Open that.

Within Gnome Tweaks, go to the "Extensions" tab and find "Zorin menu".

DO NOT disable it yet... just remember where it is.

Now, you can search for another menu:
sudo apt search menu

Perhaps you'd like Mate Menu?
sudo apt install mate-menu

Or perhaps this?

AFTER you've got whichever menu you choose configured, then go back and disable Zorin menu.

It's familiarly known among users as Ztart, though.

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First I have ever heard that... :expressionless:


Zorin OS 16.2

I think by this, you likely mean Core.

Zorin OS Core and Pro use the Gnome Desktop Environment.
Zorin OS Lite and Pro Lite use the XFCE Desktop Environment.

In your case, for Gnome, the App Menu is a Gnome Extension. You can browse through others to try out and see if you prefer one:

I use Zorin OS Lite and I also prefer a different Menu. I use the WhiskerMenu on Zorin OS Lite (On one monitor, anyway).

Another thing you might do, if you're sight-limited, is to disable the Zorin menu:

Start the Gnome-Tweaks application, go to Extensions, move the slider for 'Zorin menu' to the left.

-- OR --

Right-click the menubar, select 'Taskbar Settings', go to the 'Position' tab, find 'Left Box', unclick the 'Visible' button.

... and enable the Applications button with the full screen of large icons:

Right-click the menubar, select 'Taskbar Settings', go to the 'Position' tab, find 'Show Applications Button', click the 'Visible' button.

To everyone: Thank you all for your suggestions. Yes I do have Zorin core. And the reason I could not see what I was typing was because the box was at the bottom of the screen. I have just worked out how to solve this problem.

Anyway, Mr_Magoo put me on the right track. I was able to turn off Zorin Menu and install another one. Since I am a newbie, I am not yet skilled with programming in the terminal. And there were too many alternatives when I did the the search. So it was impossible to select one. But I did find a topic " Are there alternatives to the pre-installed menu?" (Are there alternatives to the pre-installed menu?) in which Arc Menu was mentioned as the best alternative. I installed it and adjusted the setting to what I wanted, and it is just what I wanted.

Next, I plan to sort the apps into categories with the "Show Applications" button. You can put the apps into folders the same way you can with a cell phone. Again, thanks to you all.

Awesome. :+1:

You might also check out the Luna Application Menu: