Rescuezilla Clone

Well... umm... not exactly an "install" issue,
Used USB-bootable Rescuzilla to clone from 2T NVMe to another
(from "M.2 # 2" to "M.2 #1")
since then, the following started popping up at startup:
Screenshot from 2024-07-06 15-31-07

Any ideas? (Or, go to Rescuezilla)
Thans for any useful info,

Were the drives the same size? At the very least, the destination drive should be larger. That is one important aspect of how Rescuezilla works.

You can run the update manually through the terminal (search for "terminal" in application menu) and see if it goes through:

sudo apt update

Review the output carefully. Normally it should only come back with how many updates are available. If you see any errors, please take a screenshot or copy them here.
If everything is normal, proceed with:

sudo apt upgrade

This downloads and installs the available updates.

First clone from: /dev/nvme1n1p1, (Samsung SSD 980 Pro with heatsink 2T)
[aka Lenovo P520 NVMe Slot 2]
/dev/nvme0n1p1 (Samsung SSD 990 Pro 2T)
[aka Lenovo P520 NVMe Slot 1)

OK... Ctrl+Alt+t
copy pasted:
sudo apt update (then password);

Then: sudo apt list --upgradable;

Didn't notice any errors:
Then: "sudo apt upgrade"; (no quotes)

Then; "Ctrl+d"
after restart, same notification

Well, at least we know that updates work normally which is a good thing. Do you also see this warning when you launch the Software Store or the Software Updater?

I wonder if those "packages have been kept back" are the issue (it usually means that there are updates with new dependencies); you can run this to deal with it:

sudo apt install xserver-{common,xephyr,xorg-{core,legacy}}
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The only time this pops up is after boot/reboot;
I Selected/clicked "updates" while "sorry"notification was open.
Also ran software updater from "utilities"... found some lib python stuff and updated normally.
Updater, well as the entire machine... seem to be functioning normally.
BTW, not sure if relevant:
when cold booting, Zorin options screen pops up with; "Advanced option", and "UEFI firmware settings"; if left alone, will boot Zorin.
Also, This does not appear when re-booting.
While the "sorry" advisory appears, is only slightly annoying, everything appears to be functioning normally... for now...
Until I'm neck-deep in an hours-long project. (primarily used for historical research... large file up/downloads and .pdf editing.
I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this...
as for:

sudo apt install xserver-{common,xephyr,xorg-{core,legacy}}

simply copy/paste into terminal/
or, is there something specific I should be prepared to do? or look for?
Will wait for your response
thanks for your time,

Can you take a look at this thread and see if it helps? You can jump straight to the provided solution, as it looks like it's the same type of issue; something regarding the firmware.

This is the bootloader – the program that runs before the OS – it's perfectly normal.

Yes, just copy and paste as is. This will simply download some extra packages, nothing special.

thank you,

hmmm... odd... until clone, never did this (no biggie, just hit "return"

" ```
sudo apt install xserver-{common,xephyr,xorg-{core,legacy}}

No surprises.

As recommended:
fwupdmgr refresh
fwupdmgr get-updates


![Screenshot from 2024-07-09 23-40-18|668x492](upload://rbo7ELtaJnQjxBJ1Copq4qJRApt.png)


Had previously used Win10 install (on 2T M.2 slot 2) and Samsung Magician (Windows only, no Ubuntu version available) and updated all SSD/NVMe drives firmware

Guess will just live with the little "quirks" (hope this does not rear it's ugly head, several months down the road...  as well as religiously run backups.

When copying snippets of code I recommend using the copy button that appears when you hover the mouse over it, as per the screenshot:

By highlighting and copying the text, the markdown formatting is also copied into your clipboard. This can cause unintentional issues when pasting this to the terminal or back in here, as is likely the case in your previous post.


If you edit your post and remove this double-quote, the rest of the post and your screenshots should render normally.

One thing that Rescuezilla probably doesn't account for is the firmware of the drive. However, even this is represented by a file within Linux. Did you try to remove the file as per the thread that I linked above? That seemed to be the culprit in that particular case, so it's worth a shot. If unsure, make a copy of it under a different name should you need to restore it.

Thank you,
At intitial startup,
Notification still popping up...
one of the recommended updates is Kdenlive 24.5.2
After letting the install run for over 45 minutes, still does not finish.
Don't know if PC hangs or this is very, very massive.
after cancel, opened Store and tried to run again...
still 45 minutes, no success.


Looks like I'm going to go with the "nuclear" option;
Having moved all pertinent files to another drive, as well as backing up Firefox settings (.csv and .html files)...
Re-install Zorin on "on top of" the current install (aka "image")
Having already updated all drive firmware(via win10Pro64 software),
Linux terminal-command firmware check (fwupdmgr refresh / fwupdmgr get-updates) reports all Firmware, is up-to-date. (updated Lenovo P520 UEFI/BIOS too!)

If THAT fails, then boot win10 drive (on M.2 slot 2)
wipe M.2 slot 1 drive (the current Zorin install)... hence: "nuke it"
...and do a "Tabula Rasa' install.

(... still stuck with, for my Printer, PS+Gutenprint 5.3.3... still need to get the Canon-supplied cnijfilter-iX6800-series-4.10-1-deb thing done: Canon iX6850)
Again, thank you for your time... and patience,
best regards,