Resolution Monitor LG 24ML600 the 1920X1080 problem. Grafic GT 610 Nvidia

Resolution the 1920X1080 whit Problem. Zorin OS 17.1 no recognize ! Help !!! :thinking: :frowning_face:

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Is this a new install of ZorinOS 17.1, or installed alongside Windows or another OS?

Can you tell us which edition of ZorinOS you have installed (e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc)?
Also please edit your forum profile, to indicate that "edition" information there, as that will help us help you in the future.

Have you checked and can tell us which driver you currently have for your Nvidia graphics?

I don't have Nvidia myself, but that information will be good for a forum member that can maybe help solve your resolution issue.

EDIT: I have just searched the forum and found this re Nvidia GT 610, which may give some clues: No display after select zorin os from grub

...and also: Las copias de seguridad la aplicacion da error - #15 by Aravisian

Installed o Zorin Core OS 17.1

My Monitor : LG 24ML600:

Nome LG FULL HD on NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
Resolução atual 1920x1080 pixels
Resolução de trabalho 1920x1032 pixels
Estado Enabled, Primary
Largura do monitor 1920
Altura do monitor 1080
Bits por Pixel do Monitor 32 bits por pixel
Frequência do monitor 75 Hz
Dispositivo \.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0

My Grafic Nvidia GT 610.

NVIDIA GeForce GT 610
Manufacturer NVIDIA
Model GeForce GT 610
ID do dispositivo 10DE-104A
Revision A2
Subvendor Undefined (0000)
Nível de performance atual Level 1
Clock atual da GPU 270 MHz
Clock atual da memória 405 MHz
Current Shader Clock 405 MHz
Voltagem 0.900 V
Tecnologia 40 nm
Die Size 79 mm²
Transístores 292 M
Data de lançamento Apr 2012
Suporte DirectX 11.0
Bus Interface PCI Express x16
Temperatura 41 °C
Versão do driver
Versão da BIOS
ROPs 4
Shaders 48 unified
Memory Type DDR3

Thank' very mutch !


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Can you say what fixed the problem?

Yes ! my friend. Installed again o Zorin OS 17.1 Core whit an first option the installeition. Now System is Perfect, speed. Is power, security is very good fluid !