Resolution suddenly got smaller after restart and I can't change it

I'm trying to reinstall vscode and after I restart the resolution got smaller and I can't change it.
Screenshot from 2022-10-13 11-48-36

There's no dropdown menu when I click resolution
How can I fix this? My monitor resolution is 1366 x 766 but now it's just 640x480

Thanks for the reply but I actually solved this problem 7 hours ago when I installed nvidia driver 470. I think zorin removed my current nvidia or something. So when I installed it, it worked fine.

Yeah that new Nvidia driver borked my system too. All kinds of crazy errors from steam, spent about 5 hours getting it all ironed out. Easiest way is downloading the new Nvidia-driver-525 from Nvidia directly. Reboot, Ctrl+Alt+F3, login, chmod +x NVIDIArun, sudo ./

Some other driver packages will get you functionality but if you game you'll get weird direct errors and wine errors from steam.


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