(Resolved) Infinitely Loading Error

Solution: Wait until your laptop shuts off. Then plug it in and turn it on normally.
Speculated Cause: On the login screen I inserted a bootable USB into my computer.
Thank you to everyone who replied for assisting me in resolving this issue.

I opened my laptop and tried logging into my Zorin account. I typed in my password and pressed return (Enter). It would not load and so I closed my laptop without turning it off. I opened it to check if Zorin had loaded yet when a list of scrolling errors appeared. How do I exit this? I cannot shut off my laptop and no keys I press are functioning.

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The image is too small for me to make out but it looks like you've got a kernel panic.

It is not a correct way to install. The machine has to be completely shutdown and reboot before the installation.

If your laptop is old enough to have a separate buttery, you can remove it. Otherwise you have to leave it on unplugged from the main till the charge runs out and shuts itself down.

Oops. I mean to say that I was checking to see if it loading, not to install Zorin. I have already installed Zorin. Thank you for the help.

If that is the case, pleas edit your original question, to avoid further confusion among volunteers. You can click on pencil icon to do that.

Okay. I just edited the post. I apologize for the confusion.

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Is your screen frozen?
Can you connect external keyboard to see if you can input something?

Also please refer to this page to prepare your system for installation: Before you install

Here is a quick guide to accessing TTY on Zorin (Or Ubuntu):

Accessing TTY is a method of regaining terminal control of the computer in order to give it recovery commands. You can also restart from tty with

sudo reboot

The image showing the scrolling list of errors is indeed very small...
Do you have a larger image copy? You can upload the image on the forum with the Image Icon on the toolbar above where you type the post content. It looks like a rectangle with a rising sun on the left and a two peaked mountain on the right,

For future reference, all computers, tower and laptop alike, have a feature that you can shutdown even if you r machine is locked up and not responding... press and hold the power button. This is a hard cycle, not recommended on a regular because it can cause issues with hdd's. The read arm may not return to the rest position causing data loss or even damage the disks physically. Most other components are fine from the abrupt loss of power. Use this sparingly though, ssd drives may be affected negatively as well from this, though i have yet to witness it.


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