Screen flicker

Hi all,

I'm new to Zorin but have installed other Linux OS already. Only in Zorin 16 I have the issue that after installation (which went fine) and reboot the screen is flickering on my Laptop whereas on my second external monitor it is fine.

My Laptop is a 1 year old Tuxedo with AMD Ryzen 4700U which has AMD graphics card.

How can I find out that issue to be solved?

Nevertheless Zorin OS is a great system (once it works) ..



Was it after an update of the system?

What kernel are you using?

uname -a

I selected update during install ..

I can see initially a 5.11 kernel was installed too ..

There have been others with your problem, regarding kernel 5.13. Try boot into kernel 5.11 and see if the problem goes away.

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Ok, that works.
But does that mean I cannot use newer kernels? In other OS I never had a issue using newer kernels ..

It means there's bugs in kernel 5.13 regarding amd drivers, but maybe solved in future releases.

Hi there. I have similar hardware configuration and I was experiencing same issue. Rather than selecting older kernel, I installed newer one. Mostly because I have quite new hardware. Using kernel with higher version than delivered by zorin is probably not recommended, because it is not tested and can be unstable, but I have not experienced any issue so far. You can install new kernel quite easy for example here:

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