Screen freezes after a few minutes after installing the new update

I have installed the new system updated offered to me the previous night . This morning I opened my PC with Zorin OS 16 Core , the PC works for 2-3 minutes and freezes. This persists continuously and should I flash the OS again and restore using a backup that I have using time stamp?

This has become a known issue with the kernel upgrade that Zorin received some days ago. You can boot in previous kernel and see if it helps.
There's bunch of guides on how to do that on this forums if you don't know how to do this.

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Thanks for the reply! I’m a noob to all these stuffs . Can you please share me those links ? Thanks in advance !

had the similar issue on my device listed here Thinkpad t14s AMD issues after woken up from sleep - #11 by flatmate223

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