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I'm currently using VirtualBox as my VM

Did you added vbox guest and run its script?

Also you need to add your user account in vbox to vboxsf (only needed for sharing files from your system to vm).

Yes, I already did that on the first place

OK, can you be more specific about your OS environment?

Hardware: Lenovo Flex 2-14 Laptop
Host OS : Windows :arrow_left: Which version? 64/32 bit?
Virtualbox: :arrow_left: Which version?
Guest OS: Zorin :arrow_left: Which version? 64/32 bit?

Windows 64 bit (20H2)
VirtualBox 6.1.22 r144080 (Qt5.6.2)
Zorin 16 64 bit

It seems you are in a wrong place to ask this question.

Majority of us are not using Windows as a host to run Linux guest on it.

I, for example, use Windows as a guest OS on the Zorin host. I also have one dual-boot machine (Windows / Zorin) which obviously requires no virtualization.

Have you ever thought of checking places such as Windows 10 forum on Reddit or Windows Central forum?

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I agree with @FrenchPress , I havn't used Windows in years other than I tried the Windows 10 that I got for free when I handpicked all my hardware for my Desktop. But ditched it after a couple of days.

Why not Dual boot? Instead of VM?

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I am second to that.
Especially if one is a gamer, dual booting afford 100% computer capacity for each operating system.

I use Windows as a VM because of the security reason. My dual boot Windows is for testing purpose only and I run Windows insider on that machine - but not for my serious work.

Adding my agreement to the above: Asking ona Virtualbox forum maybe a good way to go, as well.
As the above thread indicates; For me as a member of the forum, I would not want to give you the wrong information or mislead you in attempting to help. I should have noted that your display was Virtual1 and put the pieces together (how embarrassing) but in the end, I led you on quite a merry goosechase before you figured it out on your own.

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Actually, I have learnt a lot from this thread.

It is always best to clarify the environment of the person who is asking for help.

For many people, computer = Windows machine
and do not give much detail to start with.

Well, I also did not expect Windows user came up to this forum and ask questions - not even in my wildest dream :roll_eyes: