Screen show stripes after latest update

Hi folks,
My laptop show colored stripes after the latest update
The laptop has only Zorin OS 16.3 Core, no dualboot.
The driver is AMD Radeon R4 Graphics

Please roll back to the previous kernel you were on by tapping esc or tab if needed to access the Grub menu.
Select Advanced Options for Zorin and select the option for Zorin on 5.15.0-... kernel that is previous to the first one listed.
Do not choose the (recovery) option at this time.

If the previous kernel is working properly on your AMD graphics, you can uninstall the latest kernel or use this post to lock in your kernel on the working one:


Thank you very much.
What to do with the latest kernel?
Will there be an update for AMD videocards?

Undoubtedly, yes. But I have no idea when or which kernel version... There are multiple parties involved in that. The AMD devs must release the drivers to the Linux kernel team.
The Linux kernel team then review and if necessary patch and include them in the Linux Kernel.
The Canonical Ubuntu Kernel team then repeats that process.
It then reaches the ZorinGroup, that reviews and tests the kernel for stability and releases it on the Zorin Repository.

You can uninstall it using sudo apt remove command followed with the linux-generic-x.xx.x-xx designation.
OR you can leave it as it is if you have used the Default Kernel Grub parameter noted in the thread linked above.
It won't be an issue (other than taking up a bit of drive space) as long as you are not booting into it.

All of the above is assuming that booting into the previous kernel resolves your issue. That has not been confirmed at this time.

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Thank you very much, i use the previous kernel.

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