Screen tearing and now "locked out" from attempting to troubleshoot

Using Synaptic, search again and ensure no Liqourix remains... The reason for removing it is that since it did not solve your issue, you are better off on the LTS supported kernel for Other Things. The Kernel is a very large set of drivers.

In terminal run:

sudo apt install linux-oem-20.04

You may get a message saying it is already installed.

You can test reboot, check advanced Options and ensure it is not offering any Liqourix boot option.

If all is good, boot up normally and test...

Having trouble. It's not working.

I'll be taking a nap now though. Be back tomorrow :ok_man:

After nap, close Synpatic.
You cannot run more than one APT manager at a time. The Lock is required to ensure Secure Installations and no conflicts.
So whenever you remove or install, always ensure you only have One Open Running Package Manager.

I did it. No changes.

And since I went into 5.13.0-44-generic, I've been having wifi connection problems. It ain't that big. But when I log in, it connects but has no internet. Switching my wifi on and off fixes it, but I noticed this suddenly started happening consistently every time I reboot it.

And let me know when is a good time to try Timeshift. I would have liked to solve the problem just in case the screen tearing comes back again, but I did make a save from before the screen tearing started (I think). Timeshift won't affect the apps I have installed right?

Do you already have timeshift installed?:neutral_face:

yez yez. I wrote it in the first post

Ok, then - anytime you like you can use it.

Are we done with the linux-oem-20.04 thingie?

It is useful for other things, so if it remains, it is fine.
It is also part of Zorin OS updates, so even if you remove it now, it may install again later.
So, you can safely ignore it without taking any action.

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Got it.
Did the Timeshift thing. Restored it, but for some reason, I still have the tearing. Imma cry.
Timeshift even deleted all of my apps. I read it doing it, but I had read before that it wouldn't. It's no biggy but still a little annoying.
Do you have any other ideas? Because I'm thinking of just removing the operating system completly. How would I do that?

I thought you had the tearing all along?

Very annoying in my book... I made a thread on here in Tutorials about Restoring lost applications...
Ah, found it. Not that it helps you now...

Any OS removal is simply done by installing any new OS over it. Overwriting it that way.
You can use a partition manager to delete the partition that the OS resides on, then format that freed up space by adding that free space as a partition. Doing this will leave the computer without any OS.

No. I think it started when I changed the fractional scaling remember? I didn't have it out of the box. Played a little minecraft and no problems. Then suddenly I got problems. The night before it started, I had changed the fractional scaling along with other things. But it seems like time shift doesn't save everything.

I made a thread on here in Tutorials about Restoring lost applications...

It's a little technical :joy:. But it's only a little for me because I documented all of the software I downloaded and where I downloaded them from. I just have to press a few buttons again. 30 minutes tops to do.

So I just download zorin into a Bootable USB, press the button (I forgot which), and install the zorin os. This will delete everything and then install zorin? But like delete everything right? I want a completly fresh start. Without dealing with the dual boot and partian things.

Ohhh, I must have missed that.
Fractional Scaling really was introduced (in Linux) before it is ready. It is an incomplete project.
Probably due to pressure to roll it out combined with most people don't have too much trouble with it. With 4k monitors becoming more and more common, more users are looking for scaling support.

Have you tried turning fractional scaling off?

This is an encouraging attitude to have. A Fresh start is often a good way to go; most users resist it.
Yes, if you boot from Live USB and select the option to Wipe disk and install Zorin OS, it will overwrite the previous.

Ye. On and off. I read it could work but it didn't for me.

I've just given up on solving the problem by sane means. So I'll just start over.
I'll be making a post on a question about setting up from a video I saw. The dude just said it without explaining it so I don't want to risk touching something I shouldn't.

I'll let you know in a little bit if reinstalling works

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It worked. I reinstalled the operating system. I don't get the tearing I did before. I do have a new kind of tearing. It isn't a big deal, but it's like a horizontal line that overlaps any small dynamic button. The lone goes all the way across. By simply hovering my mouse over the tear that's usually a thin line, it goes away. I noticed this when I started installing apps. It should be fine. Would you recommend I install that second kernel or uninstalling that driver thingie to fix it? I can always make another post.

The problem is kind of solved!!! :green_heart: Thank you for all the help!

By any chance, are we allowed to mark more than one post as a solution to our problem?

Also, off-topic, I broke my other MSI laptop trying to get to the fans :grinning:. Scratched one of the connectors attached to the CPU I think. Sadness. Guess I'll buy a laptop or buy something used. Any advice on that?

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There isn't since really, having only one solution reduces confusion.
I marked your post as the "solution" given that it is the Closest to One So Far...
Screen tearing can be a nightmare.

Are you looking for tips on the most Linux Compatible notebooks?
I avoid Lenovo.
Acer usually has pretty ok support.
Dell and HP tend to have the best Linux support, aside from notebooks Built For Linux including System76 and Star Labs.

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Something for gaming but I think I'll just buy a used gaming computer. I'll keep in mind Dell and HP :slight_smile: Thank you!!!

Many users use MSI and Gigabyte... While I would not call it perfect support, the odds seem in your favor.
I am using a Gigabyte motherboard, myself.