Screen tearing on Z16 Thinkpad w/ Intel Iris XE i915

Turning on Fractional scaling in display settings in ZorinOS 16 causes significant screen tearing in all media playback and while dragging windows around. This happened on my Lenovo Thinkpad 14s Yoga which has Intel Iris Xe graphics (driver i915). For now, I have disabled fractional scaling, however, it would be nice for this issue to be solved in the future updates.

See if this helps:

I already tried to fix the screen tearing by creating a 20-intel.conf in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/20-intel.conf as described here. That didn't help, and since Zorin 16 already has a built-in fractional scaling tool, I don't see the point of trying a different variation of the same app.

Have you come across this thread and the links within it?


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