Screensaver makes for a very bad and confusing experience

Hello, this is my first post here and I wanted to share some feedback about using Zorin OS Lite.
I have installed it for on my father's old laptop so he can watch stuff while at the hospital and he's been calling me because his screen is constantly getting turned off and getting logged off after 5 minutes, despite me having set everything to never in power management.
It took me a few hours and digging through forums to find out that there is an app in Zorin called screensaver which has control over the screen state and logon state and it's enabled by default but somehow it's not in the settings, which I find insanely weird and counterintuitive.
It would be great if either:

  • It would at least not be turned on by default,
  • Screensaver settings would be included under power management where all the other settings about screen turning off and user getting logged off already are.
    (edit) That is beyond the fact that the screensaver is kicking in despite video being played in chrome.

Have you seen this How to completely disable Zorin OS 16.3 Lite [XFCE] Screensaver

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