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Can't use the screenshot function/feature with a dropdown menu opened in system settings. Is this normal? Is there a workaround?

Do you have a Prnt-Button on Your Keyboard? If Yes try to make the Screenshot with that Button.

Yes, this is annoying.

The workaround is to use a Timed Screenshot using the screenshot tool and set the delay for however many seconds you need to drop the menu and maybe hover the mouse in the specific location you want it to be in.
(I have run into this a lot when showcasing new themes with images and screenshots).


I don't see this timed screenshot option, is it another app?

Urm... I fall down at this point. I am still using Zorin OS 16.3 - Lite.
I do not use Gnome.

The new Zorin OS 17 Core uses Gnome 43 which integrated the screenshot tool into the Gnome Shell since the standard modular gnome-screenshot does not work properly with Wayland and they had a Wayland agenda to push.

I am not sure if it is fleshed out and has all the settings it should. Can a 17 Core user helpfully chime in on this?

Another option may be to switch from Wayland to Xorg and then install the original gnome-screenshot application.

Since I am in grumpy mode, today, I will point out in brutal honesty - I have benchmarked Wayland vigorously and the difference in speed between it and X11 (Xorg) measures in the milliseconds, far below human perception.
It is possible that some users may be able to perceive faster performance when performing intense graphical work on Wayland. This beconmes a case of noticeable, if negligible. I point this out in case the idea of using Xorg makes you feel like you will be reverting to a turtles back with the turtle riding a snail.
Ignore Reddit. You really won't see a speed difference.


Hi, I raised this issue with Team Zorin and they are looking at including this option in a future release/update. In the meantime, I would recommend either Shutter or Spectacle, both are in Software but install the 'apt' version.

Shutter works both in Wayland and Xorg Desktops, Spectacle (running in Gnome) only works with Zorin Destop on Xorg. (Spectacle is more spectacular under Plasma as opposed to Gnome as it was written for KDE (Plasma)).

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You can also use Flameshot

I think the only advantage it has is that it includes the ability to make screen captures, in addition to taking screenshots. But as some people have pointed out, it doesn't record sound properly.

On the other hand, it doesn't have the ability to specify a delay like the old screenshot tool does:

And since it's not a utility that you can run from the command line, you can't create custom keyboard shortcuts to create such a delay yourself. The only option I can think of that could do this is writing a script to simulates keypresses. But is not a very elegant solution, and cumbersome.

Unfortunately, the only option is to install something else like flameshot or gnome-screenshot that have been mentioned.

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Do you mean a something like this?

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