Security in Windows and Linux

Hmm, it always solves the problem when I have a bad install, but I use EFI and disable secure boot, so who knows.

I do exactly the same.
My husband has even disabled EFI and opted for legacy BIOS for ease of management for he system (he runs MXLinux).


Secure boot has nothing to do with security. It is a list of manufacturers that paid Microsoft for a certificate.


To be honest, you don't need antivirus on Windows 10. You just don't install anything that looks shady. If you do get a Virus tho, you can refresh your install in Windows 10.

You mean aside from what has been already integrated, right?

Idk about Windows 10 I disable everything on it to make the Laptop run faster. But I don't use it anymore

How could you possibly disable Windows Security? It will nag at you to death.

I don't know I customized my window install with some third party thing

That's right.
Let me move some postings to create a new thread about Windows/Linux security.

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Now you can talk about your no-guard strategy for Windows here without annoying anyone.

You can disable the security, firewall and finally notifications for the system. No different than doing away with Cortona... whatever it's called properly. I call it annoying

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Ya, I installed a customed Windows 10 thing. It had no Cortana <- (downside to this is that your search sucks, you can't search files), No firewall. Is it illegal, idk?

Without these features in windows, i hope your running third party software to cover the gaps. Windows is not a secure os.

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I'm not using it anymore, so...

I usually run Linux now

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