Selecting from two WiFi connections

My laptop (Lenovo G780) has an inbuilt WiFi chip and antenna that is lousy so I use a USB antenna instead (TP-Link AC600). As I've only just gotten the AC600 to work (details here: networking - TP-Link AC600 Archer T2U Plus driver for Ubuntu 20.04 - Ask Ubuntu ) the system still defaults to the inbuilt WiFi.

I see that there is an option to 'forget' the inbuilt WiFi but I assume that removes all of the settings for it so I don't want to do that, how do I simply select the AC600 as the in-use/default WiFi?

Which edition of ZorinOS do you have?
Can you also please edit your forum profile to indicate if Pro, Core, Lite, Education edition. Thanks.

It's Core 17.1 - will edit my profile. Cheers.

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