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Since (happily) installing Zorin OS 16.2, I've installed additional software for differing tasks. For example, Shotcut for video editing, and VLC for media.
I have noticed Shotcut is registered in Zorin for watching media. I didn't want this, so I went to default applications in Settings to change it to VLC. Unfortunately VLC was already set as the default app. Changing the default between Shotcut and back to VLC did not change the registration, and I have to force mp4 files to open in VLC. Below illustrates this predicament.

From the above image, "Set as default" button does not change to VLC. Please let me know of any further information to assist in solving this.

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According to this forum thread, there are two ways to set default app for file types. You have tried using Settings already. Maybe try the second method.

Is VLC player the one that is packaged with ZorinOS or have you downloaded a different version?

Have you done a re-boot after change, for good measure?

Thank you for the link, but my first post's screenshots are the same attempts as described in the other forum post.

Admittedly I installed VLC via snap, but Zorin's APM shows VLC installed. I could try uninstalling and re-installing with Zorin's package manager, but I'm hesitant as the repo version is 3.0.9, versus 3.1.8 by other sources.

I've had VLC installed for a while now, so the system has been rebooted numerous times.

Snap versions are usually the latest, but due to "sandboxing" employed by Snap's, they can exhibit functionality limitations with rest of the system. I avoid Snaps and Flatpaks myself and keep to apt's even if older versions. You may also have a problem if you have two versions of VLC installed at same time.

Please try right click-->properties-->open with-->select VLC(which will lead to 'set as default' option being visible)-->set as default
Doing this would lead to that default being set for all mp4(or any other file type) files

This doesn't work, as described in the first post of this thread:

I reckon the default app setting problem may be due to you having the Snap version of VLC not apt version.
If it was me, I would uninstall the Snap version and choose the apt version from the Software store.

Similar problem setting Brave browser as default here: Keeping Brave set as Default Browser? [SOLVED] - #13 by Keithmj

Problem with VLC Snap version, see this: MP4 sound ok in default Videos app, nothing in VLC or Kaffeine

Also, we do not know which edition of ZorinOS you have, e.g. Pro, Core, Lite etc. Can you please edit your forum profile to indicate that. Thanks zab.

Did you check if Shotcut is set as default from his own settings?

At the moment I have Shotcut uninstalled, so VLC is free to be the default mp4 player. I will reinstall Shotcut and see if there is an option that overrides system defaults.

All responses are appreciated.

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