Setting not save , all change not save , sound not work

hi to all
i am new to zorin
after installing zorin ,
sound not work change in setting not save, freedownload manager not work, chrome not work and some app i installed not work
some setting like wifi work fine
add language not work

how do am i?
sorry, english is not my native language, execuse me for miss underestanding

Gday @kia1349 , Welcome to the community.

Can you tell us the computer spec's or brand & model?

Are you using Zorin OS Pro or Lite?

Can you tell us how you made the bootable device? (usb/cd/etc)

Also which program did you use? (Rufus/ balenaEtcher/etc)

Have you check BIOS firmware/Drivers updates?

Thank a lot Ocka

Asus laptop k571gt
Ram 16gb
1- Ssd hard 512 two drives , firt 270gb win11 and second 130gb zorin os pro

2- hdd hard drive 1tb parted to 3 drive

I Created bootable usb with balenaEtcher

And bios is updated

I would first try using "Rufus" to create usb bootable, this may fix a few things.

Have you disabled fast startup & fast boot?
How to disable fast boot & fsat startup.

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In addition to disabling fast boot and fast startup, it is worth a new user looking at this pre-installation advice. Before you install


I was installed zorin by same usb but in hdd driveall was ok but zorin was very slowly, then i decide ti install it on ssd

Thanks for link
Fast boot was enabled

I try again by rufus and disabling fast boot Then inform you here
Thanks alot again sir


Did this help?

Oh yeah - that will cause some fun issues.

I just reinstalled recently and left secure boot off this time around; no issues. I did have secure boot setup and enabled but, ran into some weird issues.. Now, with SB off, everything seems nominal.

Good luck! Hopefully SB was just causing some hiccups. I know it likes to block drivers..

Thanks :smile:
I hope to install it successfully

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No yet
I create again usb with rufus
Disable fast oit from win11 and bios

Now , When boot from usb , it show many error and not load
I am trying to make usb again
And now want to install without Nvidia driver
I hope i install it successfully

Hi again Ocka
I installed fresh zorin again and now all is ok
Thanks for your help​:heart::crossed_fingers:


Good to hear! :sunglasses:

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