Share your desktop, what does it look like?

I guess what I'm trying to say is move the taskbar around, add/remove widgets on desktop, add another taskbar (if that's even possible) that sort of thing.

Though I guess you could partially do that through Zorin Appearance. Sorry, that's the best I can do to be specific and clear (trying to describe what others have customised their desktop like - example here).

@Storm what I remember you are using Fedora? Wright?
I must sayed I have good experience with them on another PC. What i can sayed ubuntu is a friend with debian. ArchLinux is friend with Fedora packages rpm and noarch.

I've been using it from the very beginning ..... love it ..... I don't believe I have tried any of the other file managers since I switched to the Cinnamon DE and Nemo .... :+1:

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My Desktop with a beautiful wallpaper of Hyakkimaru from 'Dororo' .


Still working in progress. On this screenshot I've added shadow to the icons -


Here's my new desktop.

It has the same background, but I moved the taskbar to the top, modified it and used some extensions suggested here :arrow_down:.


On my way to move from desktop environment to window managers
Started with openbox
its my current openbox desktop


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Installed KDE on Zorin yesterday

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kde plasma 5 ?

Here is my "rice":


Yep, I only installed it because I wanted to experiment

for now, I prefer a clean and reduced look without any overload (for me) to stay focused on my few apps and with a beautiful background picture. Will learn over time to add these interesting things you showed up in this thread...


I'm so happy to be here, I'm so happy to be on Zorin OS.
I'm new here & this is my first post, sharing my current desktop.


I'm tired of colorful desktop so I'm going black'n'white


I'm pretty sure monochrome colours are good for the eyes. Nice theme.

What widget is that in the bottom right?

It is original DE from Zorin or you just modify that and what type DE apperance is it gnome,xfce,kde?