Share your desktop, what does it look like?

I have been at it for a while now with very little success :frowning_face: But I'll post it here when I do find the icon set

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wow. nice and thanks

Nothing fancy. I am a Carolina fan. But do notice the icon on my taskbar.


Here's mine :slight_smile:


Thank you for sharing your pretty colors with us, I like it :blush:

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Really like this Terminal style with no borders. What bothers me about it is that I cannot drag it elsewhere on the window :smiley:

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I know right! It bothers me too, need to get used to it!

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Could give it a black 1pixel border all around...

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LINUX bothers me somedays, when I can't get things to freaking work. And I am still stuck on November 2021 kernel, cause GRUB won't flipping update with the 5.13 kernel for whatever silly stupid reason.

But at the same time, despite all that BS, I much prefer to be on Linux over Windows or MAC, thats the truth right there. Linux has its issues, Linux can be a pain in the butt. But its still a far better choice, and I still to this day recommend Linux, after having been using it, for like at least 7-years now.


You can use the "show notebook border" to get a 1 px border (or something like that) but it's not that good :frowning:

That sounds like torture :rofl:

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This is torture...

tickle GIF


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Quite simple and thanks to Storm for the great icon set!


Seconded - Mystique set quickly became a favorite of mine.

Maybe I should change the dark color to white around the icons...


Love this! and yes, white pixel for the win!

This is truly beautiful :purple_heart: This is totally my type of theme. Lots of pretty colors, pretty icons, everything pretty. :heart_eyes:

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Asteroid Belt icon set.


I can see that fitting in additional themes other than Space related ones .... good job

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