Share your desktop, what does it look like?

tips for @Storm Some wavelengths are easier for the human eye to recognize. And some others are not. In daylight, green is the most visible color from a distance for human eyes. In the darkness, however, yellow is the easiest color to recognize

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Oh love this, please please release it, wallpapers sick too

I think it is hilarious how the boxes i have to move my Dell laptop and accessories etc in are Apple boxes. So my laptop running Zorin OS 16.2 themed to look like Mac is being moved in a Apple Macbook box, I think it's hilarious I've unwittingly managed to not only theme ZorinOS but the carrying box to match lol. Now if only i had the actual devices.

ZorinOS 16.2
WhiteSur Theme
McMojave/WhiteSur icons
1314 Wallpaper


Simple. Consistent. No hungama.



macOS Ventura (Yes, the real thing)
Macports running Neofetch

rest of the info you are going to ask is in About This Mac or the Terminal windows

Still have my Zorin install, too.

Triple booting, now, with Zorin OS 16.2 - Windows 11 - macOS Ventura


I saw the recent thread on TuxedoOS and browsing online it seems it has improved dramatically, so I decided to give it a go. It's also a good excuse to give KDE another chance but so far it's already disappointing me (again): the System Settings refuses to open up after putting the PC to sleep, so now I can't change any settings probably until next restart but that's quite annoying :confused:

Anyway, I have to admit that this OS runs pretty decently. Installation was fast and there are quite a few features that I already find extremely useful like splitting panes on the file explorer, Dolphin. Let's see how it holds up for the next few weeks.


That's a work of beauty @therealduckie

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Thanks, but the credit goes to Apple. That's the real macOS Ventura.

I have to say, though, vinceliuice's themes are almost spot on.

Here's an image with Ventura's Finder, WhiteSur Dark's Nautilus and WhiteSur Dark's Dolphin.

Dolphin is a hot mess and gross looking, in comparison and there's no way to get it to look even close to Finder like Nautilus does...which is a shame since I would love to use it since it has features I need like drag-and-drop text snippets, URLs, etc and also I an rename a folder by clicking on it twice slowly. Nautilus makes you right click, then scroll to rename, then pops up a stupid dialog. WAY too many steps for something every other major OS does.

Was also impressed with how close I had already made my terminal look like macOS's:

Ventura on left - ZorinOS using Mate terminal on right (gnome-terminal has ugly buttons ruining the UI. Not nearly as minimal)


Sorry to dominate the thread, but...I had to do it.

1-to-1 screenshots of real macOS Ventura and ZorinOS.


Soo close yea but i agree nothing beats the genuine article. I hope to save for a second hand MacBook son. Thanks for sharing @therealduckie

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Oh yes noted thx

Clean setup.


How's is the Budgie on Fedora? Is it same as Ubuntu Budgie?

What is your opinion? I changed to it yesterday.

I dunno. It's the main character in American Psyco if I'm not mistaken?

Yes he is. I asked how does it look like? What do you think? Do you like colour combination and the font?

Seems good - Though I would go with my Shade of Z icon theme to that. But that's just my taste and opinion :wink:

If you want to try out my icon theme:

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Background is the west coast of Denmark (Jutland to be exact). Picture taken by a good friend.


which colour would you recommend? there's many colour options to download.