Should I make partitions like creator of tutorial

Hello. I will get new computer which I ordered. He will be totally empty (without partitions). I know that I must make one partition for OS Zorin and other for my data. I’ve found that one man who created tutorial made this:

  • /boot = 2 GB (ext4 file system)
  • /home = 20 GB (ext4 file system)
  • / = 10 GB (ext4 file system)
  • /var = 7 GB (ext4 file system)
  • Swap = 2 GB (ext4 file system)

Should I make all types of partitions or boot and home partitions are enough?

Hello David.
I am not sure which tutorial you are referring to.
Have you looked at @swarfendor437 's unofficial manual for Zorin 15, which includes advice on partitions and installation.

Will your new computer have a SSD or HDD ?
The EXT4 file system is journalling type and will not be good for your new SSD if you have one of those in place of a HDD. If you have SSD then use a non-journalling file system e.g. EXT2 to save wear to your SSD.

I have always installed Zorin with these partitions:
/ (root)

Note: your swap partition should ideally be set as 2x RAM capacity of your computer. e.g. 4GB RAM then 8GB swap.

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In addition to what @zabadabadoo wrote, if you have UEFI turned on, then for EFI/ESP use 50 MB.

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