Shouldn't Zorin OS be renamed to something more unique?

Abbreviating Zorin OS to Zorin may cause confusion, as this is originally a person's name. This is similar to situations where it is difficult to tell whether the word Linux refers to the kernel or the operating system which uses it. Then, shouldn't Zorin OS be renamed to something more unique?

If what I read previously is correct, the ZorinGroup originally named the OS for their Father, as their inspiration for the project.

I also defer to saying "Zorin OS" because saying "using Zorin" feels weird to me when I know that "Zorin" is a person (As well as an Operating System).

The name is established within Linux. In many ways, it also is unique as a word.


Since we know Zorin OS, we can find it weird. I think we need to be careful when introducing Zorin OS to people who don't know it.

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I misread this thread as "Husband is now Zorin!" :sweat:


In addition to what Aravisian said about it being established in the community (a quick online search yields results about the OS, not the name), I don't see anything wrong with having a family name as the company, or even product name. You see this being applied in many companies all over the world, and when people are told that ZorinOS is being developed by "the Zorin brothers" it kinda gives it a nice ring to it :smiley:


Wouldn't that be convenient!!! :rofl: I would love if HE was coaching ME in how-to-use instead of the other way round . . . (which is rather a bit like the blind leading the blind??)


I'm glad my mistake didn't offend you. :sweat_smile:

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Never a thought along those lines! It sounded like something I would do too :upside_down_face:

It seems to me that Zorin IS more unique a name than the other mainstream OSs have. Now days most names have been modified to appear unique (Jain, Jayne etc. instead of [plain] Jane). I have to say that I have never come across the name Zorin before, though hats off to the brothers who created this marvel.


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