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Just tried Zorin today, education version, first time.
"Show desktop" button, not included in the install and running, any place I looked, and searched. Strange.

So far tried the script to make the button per instructions, wanted to add it to the bottom panel. Nothing. Nothing in the panel as to how to edit it, put in icons, take them out, etc.

Anyone ever figure this out?

Searched online, YT, nothing but "How to install Zorin OS", which was not my search, not even that word in it.


right click in panel -- panel -- add new items
show desktop is there to choose ...

i'm on xfce ,not sure if education version has that ?

looks like education uses gnome
found this ,maybe it'll help ?

Well then, let me go back in from Mint and see. Maybe it is not XFCE, but I remember choosing that. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

There is no Zorin 17.1 Xfce version yet. Education version by default is GNOME. Zorin 16.3 Xfce Lite is still available but it is not an education version.

OK. Well, then I shall now try Zorin OS XFCE lite. How about Cinnamon?

Zorin has no extra Cinnamon Edition but You can install the Cinnamon Desktop out of the Repo's.

You can install Cinnamon desktop if you want. I use Linux Mint Debian Edition which comes with Mint’s Cinnamon desktop and I really like it. I prefer Cinnamon on Mint because you get updates for the desktop much sooner than on the repo plus all of Mint’s goodies. If you are going to put Cinnamon on Zorin, that is fine but you would be better off in my opinion with Linux Mint Cinnamon 21.3. It is about to get a new release and be based Ubuntu’s latest 24.04 LTS in a few months. Or use LMDE 6 which is based on Debian. Your choice. :+1:

@Frog has been and is a long-time user of Zorin and Cinnamon. Personally I cannot stand Cinnamon as it is reliant on Pulse Audio.

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I just switched to Gnome a few weeks ago and completely customized it to my liking ..... main reason I switched had to do with problems with taking screen shots both in gaming and items from the web ..... plus the fact that Gnome has a lot more customizble (new word LOL) features now ..... I am quite happy with it .....

And yes I did use Cinnamon for more than two happy years until Zorin 17.1 Pro came out ..... several times I seriously thought about going back to Zorin 16.3 Pro but now I'm glad I stuck it out ..... using Zorin Desktop on Xorg .....

Pulse Audio never really bothered me as I'm not really a music aficionado ....

Whilst I enjoy music I don't consider myself to be an officianado, but I do expect sound to come from the correct speaker which pulseaudio always fails to do!

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I don't have that problem ..... I only gots 2 speakers ..... :rofl:

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