Show off your keyboard ⌨ and mouse 🐁

In spite of the current popularity of touch screen + virtual keyboard, there is this one big drawback. It is impossible to touch type without a real keyboard.

I saw this gorgeous keyboard @swarfendor437 posted in the other thread:

I am now extremely curious to see the keyboard used by other people.
This is how mine looks like.
It is a previous generation Apple Magic Keyboard with 3D sticker to help touch typing.

Meanwhile my atypical husband uses this atypical orthogonal keyboard without any markings on it. Since he is typing with BÉPO (French version of Dvorak) system, regular Azerty or Qwerty markings will be useless for him.


Hello FrenchPress!

I think you knew that I would be posting in this thread, but I only had the patience and time to take quality photo's of 1 of my keyboards, so I chose to take pics of the best one I own.

Presenting the... Corsair K95 Platinum RGB Mechanical Keyboard With Cherry MX RF Switches!






It looks impressive! :star_struck:
But I could not figure out the last 2 photos.
What are those keys with plus sign on them?


Awwww, I am so glad you love my keyboard! :heart_eyes: :heartpulse: :heart_eyes:

Using a key cap remover, I am able to remove the keys, revealing the mechanical key switches from our beautiful folks at Cherry.


Ah, I see.
Thanks for the explanation :slight_smile:


Whats up Tom?

Hey, I know the Pluggable brand, I've bought stuff from them before, they got good cables. While I am not a fan of micro keyboards that don't have a full NUMPAD, you do get massive PROPS from me for using mechanical keyboards with backlighting!

Here comes the like......................... 3...2...1...LIKE! :smiley:


Mines is in the last pic in this post. I turned off the key dimmable backlight LED.

This pic was borrowed off the internet:


Complete agreement! We each have to get what suits us best. Cause there is no sense in owning a peripheral that we are gonna hate the entire time we have it lol.

The best mechanical keyboard I have ever used was the original IBM keyboards. They have a huge cult following for them because they have been the best for years. They cost on the collectors market upwards of 300 dollars or more on Ebay, which makes them cost more then some brand new Chromebooks.

Everybody took those keyboards for granted back in the day, now everybody wants a piece of them for more then they were worth when they were new. Of course, there are some people who have brand new ones that were never been opened, in which case, they are worth every penny the seller is asking for a brand spanken new, shrink wrapped, sealed in box still IBM keyboard!

Can you please share a picture of the Daskeyboard PRO 4C? I am curious to see.

Yes, I completely agree with you.
As far as I know, my husband is the only one I know of who can type on the marking-less orthogonal keyboard. And my Hello Kittynized Apple keyboard is not for everyone :wink:

I love the numpad. I miss the numpad. But I don't feel like buying an external one for my ultraportable laptop.

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Guys, I also have a keyboard that would make those who like a minimalistic approach happy, but without compromising on the NUMPAD. This is a bluetooth keyboard, and its designed to be quite similar to modern Apple computer keyboards, due to the super thin profile design and stainless steal backing.

What is great about the Artek Bluetooth universal keyboard, is it works with Windows, MAC, Linux, IOS, and Android OS's, hence the name universal. I use this keyboard for my tablet. Despite having stainless steel backing for durability and strength, its really light weight.

Most of the weight that comes from it, is from the batteries themselves, which is why if you hold it from center, it will topple the direction where the batteries are located. But the keyboard is not meant to be used in the air folks, be realistic, you put it down on a desk when you use a keyboard lol.

Believe it or not, this keyboard is also mechanical guys, it uses scissor lift actuated keys instead. Shorter travel, quieter, and helps that thin profile design. I am sure many of you would like this keyboard, especially since it don't cost a ton!


I am the total opposite. I use the numpad at lightspeed whereas the numbers on the top row, I peck at like a bird with insecurity issues.
To me, a keyboard without a numpad is not a keyboard.


I actually use two (not at the same time ... but I suppose I could ... LOL) the first one is on my Asus ROG 17in gaming laptop

The 2nd is the one I use the most a blue-tooth Logitech mini K380 that I love ... the 3 light blue buttons in the top left hand corner are for hooking up 3 different blue-tooth running gadgets ... so each has it's own signal ...


Alright, if were going to start showing laptop keyboards, then I have to join in on that. Cropped this from the main photo on my MSI machine...

MSI SteelSeries mechanical keyboard

BTW, I like the rounded buttons on your bluetooth keyboard. Do the keys feel mushy on that keyboard? If they feel mushy or like buttons being pressed, its a membrane keyboard.

We sure are making things look colorful in here.


No the keys feel just like the keys on the Asus ... in fact exactly like them ... another thing I like about the keyboard is not only it's size but because of the size of my hands ( I have BIG hands) I type with no problems ... I have to use a stylus on my cell phone or else my tiny fingers will hit two keys at once ... LOL


Crimany, wish I had seen this before I got the 3x more expensive Logi MX Keys


I know what you mean, I hate touch screen typing on my phone cause they pack those keys so close together in the virtual keypad. I suppose you could turn in landscape and it gets a bit wider, but still, I suck at it lol.

Now touch screen keypad on a 10" tablet, thats a different story, much easier to use. But at the end of the day, I still prefer using the bluetooth keyboard over that touch screen too lol.

Its ok, we all make mistakes. And you are excused of that mistake, because I really love your avatar, its awesome!


Second best! :slight_smile:

The best keyboard ever was this which I had as a kid:

It's a Tatung Einstein. There was a great docking spring under each key and when you pressed it (by using your weight), it went "T-A-T-U-N-G!" and the sound echoed off the walls. It was great!

I'm currently using an AUKEY mechanical keyboard. It's black, minimal but with a numerical pad and doesn't have flashing lights.

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I love looking at old tech, thats the reason why I watch LGR and The 8-Bit Guy. That picture is fascinating to me. Because the computer looks like it dates to the late 70's, but its got a 90's 3.5" floppy drive attached to it, possibly an upgrade? I am surprised it could even use it.

Nothing like tactile keyboard that not only lets you feel its presence, but announces it to everybody in the room as well. I couldn't think of a better terminal to use for engineering purposes in industrial zones.

Thanks for sharing!


It actually had 3" (not 3.5) floppy disks and, what's more, they were double sided. You could actually turn them over to access the other side. For me, they were magic because I had only known cassettes.

They dropped out of use in the 90s which saw the rise of 3.5" disks.

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