Show the software version on the dropdown menu of the shop

Hi all,
Here is my very first post while I am trying to switch permanently to Linux from MacOs after 17 years.
The experience with Zorin OS is very good so far, but I found something that might be helpful:
adding the version of the different packages to the dropdown menu could help avoiding to dig into every single page of different formats.

Glad to be here and speak to you soon.

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and welcome in Linux world and this beautiful distro Zorin. and even better forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, I agree with you, this can be useful.
If you updating via terminal, then version is showed already, but via app (gui) not yet

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A good reason to learn and use the terminal... it's also faster!

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Welcome to Linux and the forums. The general rule of the thumb is that Flathub and Snap packages are the most up-to date and the PPA packages (here titled as Zorin OS) are more outdated.
I can suggest you to only use PPAs and Flathub.
The downside of Flathub is that applications can get a bit big because of their dependencies.

If you want to know more about PPAs vs Snap vs Flatpak, check out this forum thread: PPA vs Snap vs Flatpak