Side discussion on post deciphering

bro goofle translate is your friend. No offense but you can not comprehend your posts!

Yeah i know that. I don't care that.

So why post if no one can understand you?

Yeah. You have wright. I don't must to be here also I don't need suppport this forum and project brothers Zorin. Real Life is on the first place. Sometimes people don't understable each other because we are diffrents. So where is the point if in Thailand you will be searching a winter and snow?

There is no need for comments like that on here.
Please take note of the forum guidelines.

Bourne has been a member of this forum for a long time. His written English is not perfect but most of us understand him well enough.

Bro what do you mean I’m not mocking the man. I’m literally saying I can’t understand him ? I would like to have a conversation but I have no clue what he says. So I asked and he got snippy. This isn’t against guidelines I’m not insulting or mocking. Stop being so sensitive people

Bro I speak multiple languages and the ones I don’t speak well like French I use an assistant so I can have conversations with the pispolò I’m speaking with. I’m not mocking you I would actually like to understand you but I have no clue what the hell you are saying

@AndreaMaietta If you cannot understable a some my post @Bourne then it is propably best option to open a dialog with that a person which a part you don't understable? I am not using any helpfull software for translation. Example Deepl is very good. Google is poor translator trying translate scandinavian language. I am not using my primary language when i was born - and i am leaving with another a country where is another language when I am using next primary language. The third language is here english. Sometimes for me to difficult create a correct sentence is because i am suffer everyt day with unbearable a pain.

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Bourne English is not my first language either Italian. It takes a while to learn. I’m sorry but I still didn’t get a lot of that. I guess it is what it is. Take care

20 year ago i got taken a operation "coxae seltans" - Snapping Hip (Coxa Saltans) - Knee & Sports - Orthobullets
this operation was failed.
In this are don't exist synovial fluid - The proper level of synovial fluid helps to keep cartilage in excellent condition.

The beauty of the English language is that one can infer context... don't worry, we get what you're saying, and if we don't, we can always politely ask for clarification.

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Well the problem is with this pain i have problem with concentrate. Sometimes my head is like another a planet. The doctor for pain advice a "codeine" - but i am not junk. I using a chilli pepper or ginger and nature medicine. Sometimes when i focus on linux and terminal - very focus then brain stop thinking that. The human body if is broken then it cannot be repaired like electronic with some code.

Have you tried CBD?

Well in this country is prohibited.

Sorry folks, but I think this is deviating from the original subject of the post "What would you like to see in ZorinOS 17" and maybe better discussed in another thread.


The only thing I noticed in this entire exchange was the use of the word "Goofle."
I would like to copy that...

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Yes, instead of showing much disappointment and keep chats long just to keep complaining about weird language better to ask to explain again better or even by private message.

Agree, DeepL is great and almost never misunderstands the context, this is something I see all times I use it while Google Translator likes to show mismatched translations.

However, the priority is to understand each other, not to stick to pointing out everything, whether it is mistakes or odd phrases. As I want to be most accurate and correct possible I use DeepL frequently and additionally LanguageTool, a Firefox extension for grammar checking. Also, DeepL team recently released DeepL Write which proposes different way to say a sentence and allows customizing each part as preferred.

Well i sayed before "we are diffrents minds" - example could be how many years you have then your experience with years gived you for some situation when you was childrem you could be angry but in more age and human nature this angry next few years could be a tears. Sometimes when you seeing a title on the a book you don't know what author want sayed before you don't reading that book. I saw in internet some people waiting only for blame someone who doing wrong grammary or wrote something his experience 60 years ago but younger people that generation don't understable about cooking potato on fire in bbq. I always sayed new generation people building a new history. My grandfather was in "war time" - they have hard time. The @AndreaMaietta he seeing a problem but not describe what he want to sayed. He just sayed he seeing in problem in my behaviour or something what i wrote. Well on the earth are over 8 bilions people. The politics all time want healing a word and people suffering. Maybe he can asked them what they doing wrong? For me this is funny.
I don't have time and spend energy for "empty dialog" - conversation going nowhere.

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