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Sith Empire Logo 256
Sith Empire Theme Suite

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Folder icons:

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More screenshots, modified Zorins GTK:

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Apps icons are done
emblems icons are done
folder icons are done

Still needs to be made: Devices, mimetypes (sigh), categories and ofcause make a awesome GTK theme. :slight_smile:

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mime type icons are taking form.


Video of the icon theme in action:

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I LOVE IT! When will it be released for gnome and xfce???

I just released it at this moment. Check first post :slight_smile:
Both Gnome and XFCE.

Sith Empire version 1.0 is released!!!
See more: Sith empire - theme Suite


WOW, downloading!! let's see how your gtk theme works with xfce, for the icons idk if keeping gems icontheme

GTK is basically modified Zorins GTK. So I don't know how much change you'll see there. I'ts mostly Nautilus that have been modified.

not so much change. but when the zorin-appearance transparence you have will be ported to thunar, and when/if this theme will be more redish, i'll love that

this transparence

The GTK theme was more of a step child and more aimed for the Gnome DE, but I'll see if I can do some XFCE.

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Thunar actually handles transparency better than Nemo.:neutral_face:

Should be easy.

@Nicolaco_08 , be sure to check in Window Manager Tweaks that compositing is turned ON.
Last tab Compositor
Check on "Enable display compositing."

ok. and then?

And then wait for the xfce theme.:wink:

ok...please @Storm release it i'm waitingggg

Which file manager do you use?

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