Slow download speed in Zorin OS 16

I am having slow download speed in Zorin OS 16. The upload speed is correct. I am connected to 5Ghz band. In Windows I used to get speed around 125 Mbps but in Zorin OS I am just getting around 50-60 Mbps speed.

I am dual booting Zorin OS with Windows 10
I should get around 125 mbps speed(Service provider cap)
I checked in windows and it's consistently around 125
My PC Specs :
Dell Inspiron 7577
256 GB Toshiba SSD
1 TB Toshiba HDD

I did now a measurement and speedtest-cli measured 256 Mb/s down, 196 Mb/s up. Ookla running from FF measured 265 Mb/s down, 212 Mb/s up.

To be honest with you this is the first time these two measurements are this close to each other. I am no expert, but based on my experience sometimes you have to measure multiple times, as the maybe the selected server for measurement is under load. These speedtests select the servers based on their temporary ping, so I could measure completely different results using the same server, just starting Ookla again and again.
I would also check if your Zorin is not doing something in the back. Again, I am no expert just sharing some experience.

Maybe you should check this thread too.

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