Slow System and Boot takes too long

Hi , I'm a new user and I recently bought the Zorin 16 pro version .
Using it in my I5-9300H , 16 GB ram machine .
The boot can be slow because it's installed on a HDD drive , but compared to ubuntu or Elementary OS , Zorin is taking too much to start .
After the boot is completed , before starting to use the OS , I need to wait for 3minutes on the desktop to prevent freeze after clicking on any apps or to use a menu .
I checked startup applications and it seems normal , a nvidea app and something else related to the Zorin OS .(total 2 apps in startup, no discord , no MS Teams .... )
Can anyone help me or give me some tips ?
Thank you in advance .

From another post. Might be worth the read..

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Thank you for your reply but I got i5-9300H . 2.4Ghz up to 4.1Ghz.
Also , I didn't face any slow boot or freeze issues on other ubuntu/debian distros before ..

And these 3 you are comparing, were all on the same HDD?

Here's another post on this issue below. Maybe it will help.

I installed pop os on the same drive as where zorin was installed on. Pop! OS boots up faster ... alot. Maybe @AZorin @zorink can look into this.

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