Small place on hard disk

I used automatic Zorin installation, and thats what it chose to do. And Zorin boots up and operates just fine.

That is very curious.
I also used automatic installation and got no extended partition.
Swap partition was added manually later for VMWare.

Why the automatic installation gives a different partitions?

Someone asked this question before:

LM 20 and 20.1 Cinnamon, installed with default options. Ubiquity creates an extended partition and put the / partition in it.
It is less convenient to resize a secondary partition that is inside an extended partition than to resize only one primary partition. So, why not creating an extended partition only when 4 partitions are created ? If there are only 2 or 3 partitions, primary partitions are better.


Yes, and unlike Zorin which does not produce a SWAP partition or recovery partition, POP OS provides both a SWAP and RECOVERY partition, in which it does automatically.

Now the thing is about SSD drives that you gotta remember is, they have limited write cycles. So its not proper to have the least amount of RAM possible, causing SWAP filing to hit all the time, that will kill your SSD drive before you can say Quitige.

And truth is, in these modern times, there is no reason to not have enough RAM, unless the reason is the computer is just too old to accept more then 1GB or 2GB. Heck, take my dual core notebook that has Zorin on it, sucker is like 10-years old, and it can hold 8GB maxed out. lol

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I created a swap partition - otherwise my VMWare would nag at each start up. With 64 GB of RAM installed, I think this swap would never be used.

That is an interesting piece of information. Recovery partition? Will it work like a Windows recovery?

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Thank you for being interested! :blush: It gave me an excuse to take a screenshot, and you know how I love taking those lol.

POP OS 21.04 Partitions on a Western Digital 1TB NVME SSD Drive...

Ohhhh, and yes, it does work like Windows I believe. Hold down shift key to boot into POP OS Grub Loader, then access recovery mode from there. And it will restore your computer to the same exact ISO the installer you used, to install the OS in the first place. And you can update the recovery partition in the OS, I will post another screenshot in a moment.

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That looks very interesting.
I see msfdata is the recovery partition.
At least it will spare some time for clean install.

My preference is still Clonezilla.
If the disk crashes so as the recovery partition.

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Glad to make you happy FrenchPress. After a good 6-hours of laybor today, its nice to talk to somebody who enjoy my conversation lol.

POP OS 21.04 Recovery Partition Available in OS Upgrade & Recovery TAB...

POP OS 21.04 Updating Recovery Partitions...

And I am sure you noticed that POP OS supports OS upgrades. Thats how I went from 20.10 to 21.04. And its how I will advance to the next LTS or whatever. Its a feature that Zorin lovers have been crying for the Zorin bro's to add to Zorin OS.

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That sounds great!
I did try POP a few years ago, but could not negotiate myself with Gnome desktop. I should revisit it again.

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POP OS 21.04 uses Gnome shell 3.38, which is the identical version that Zorin OS 16 uses.

I wouldn't blame you, afterall, thats what I am doing aint I? I got POP OS on my main computer, and Zorin OS on my secondary computer.

Got to love a life of choice, and Linux allows you to have that choice. Better living, when you don't feel like your life is tied to a corporation. :wink:

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That is good this webside can talking with another OS Linux.
Some forums another distros linux don't talking about another distro.
You can't talking or writing.
For me this is something like a fight distro linux what for me is very humoristic.
War linux distributions.
If there some Linux on top ten then why don't talking about diffrences?
What they afraid? Linux is open source. Anyone can explain that?

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When you understand the human condition, it begins to make sense. It is human nature to compete against one another. It begins very early in life as toddlers, where we want what the other has, and are willing to steal it to get it.

Then later it morphs into, steal that girl from the other guy, out of pure selfishness. Then into adulthood, it gets much worse with bigger things, like company and government corruption just to name a few examples.

So ya, your always going to have that competition factor going on. Local stores even hate it if you walk into their store, wearing merch branding of their competition store. They say, you can't wear that shirt or that hat in here. lol

In short, humans, were nuts lol.

To much rules in this world what washing a brain. Some many fabulous stories, where people start to believed them. This is everywhere on the world - the truth is more deep where normal people suffer. I am agree with your words.

I actually didn't make a fresh install of Zorin. After the absolute crash of Zorin I decided that Ubuntu would be better for me. I informed myself about it and it should be more stable and should have better apt app support or something like that. I don't really know. I just want Linux. Also it seemed so, that Zorin took more disk space and I only have 60 gigs for Linux. The files and documents I create or download are on a separate disk. Ubuntu seems to be more economical on disk space. I'm not trying to make Zorin look bad. It's still a great OS and a great alternative for Windows and so on. I don't know what I am actually trying to say.

Actually if you want to have absolute stability, I recommend MXLinux. If you select non-ahs version, it uses LTS 4 series kernel and it is rock solid. My husband uses it for over 2 years with absolutely zero issue.

I'm not really looking for absolute stability. By the way, as we are talking about Ubuntu, is the version 21.04 an LTS version or what will be the next LTS version of Ubuntu and is it possible to upgrade Ubuntu without installing the whole new version?

Look before ask - maybe it is other way around for you :wink:

It has been quite a long time since I was using UB Mate, but there is usually an upgrade path for the next version.

I heard when you have a big hard disk. You can installing many distribution on one hard disk but the grub could be cannot boot properly or crashed. The point is you can use your best linux distribution what you need. One distribution to work office, another gaming, another some relax. It depends what you need. If you don't need many firecrackers for the new year. For me I don't using a hole bunch flowers gaming,software etc what websides and internet gived to us. Simple user what using e-mail,watching movie,listening music on spotify, little gaming also take some observation how huge linux have software. Important all wotking what I using. If everything working what I using then why change for another distribution if ZORIN for me is stablr and fast. I have dual boot on my computer. MxLinux I get black screen - with Zorin i figure that because before working from Zorin 7 Ultimate. Then I understan terminal. Suse, Ubuntu, Debian,Fedora have another type commands what I remember when tested them.

Excellent suggestion from FrenchPress for MXLinux, that is a good lite distro. Another good lite distro that was tested on a very old Windows XP notebook, by Explaining Computers, was "Bionic Pup."

What he liked about "Bionic Pup," is that it only took up like I think 2GB of storage space on an 8GB drive. It only uses like 512GB of RAM, so if you only have 1GB to 2GB of RAM, that is a perfect match!

Also, "Bionic Pup" comes with a super lite version of internet browser that uses far less resources, then that of your standard Firefox browser. In testing, it was able to load pages far quicker then Firefox.

He tested a total of 3 differen distro's on that notebook, and the one that clearly was the winner in highest level of performance, was "Bionic Pup" If you'd like to watch the video, I posted it below for your convenience. :grin:

I have many old laptops. Then this working on 32bit.