So are there official user numbers?

Numbers of current users i mean :slight_smile:

Since Zorin is not a commercial product like MS Windows, it is impossible to count the users. MS can use the number of licences they sold (including pre-installed system) but there is no such thing for Linux.

If you want to see the popularity of Zorin among Linux distros, you can check

It is a great starting point for distro hopping.


Okay thank u

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ZorinGroup wanted the same answer to that question; Therefor Zorin OS comes with Zorin Census pre-installed.

Zorin Census does not track, read, record or report any data on your computer. The only function it performs is to ping if used. As open source, this is (and has been) independently checked and any user can do the same.

As far as how many users- I heard a rumor that it was around 1 million active Zorin OS users. How accurate that rumor is, I do not know.


It seems to be on place 14. Not bad.

Most of them are me and my gadgets/computers. :stuck_out_tongue:


Would be quite interested to see the numbers of paid vs free users.
If 1 mill, would hope there'd at least be 100K paid. Sadly that sounds
highly unlikely.


Kinda weird I don't remember posting this ahahhaha :joy:

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