End of Lite versions announced

The Diolinux channel brought a video about the discontinuation of the Lite versions of Zorin. In addition to the opinion, it brings tests with the Core and Lite versions of the system. I found the video very useful for friends who are worried and the comparisons are interesting. Affirm everything that the Devs are reporting

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WAIT. Was Zorin OS Lite discontinued?

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It was quietly announced that it will be in 2029. Zorin OS 18 will be the last release to include two different desktop environments. It made quite a fuzz:


I read on the Zorin website that the Lite versions will go up to 18 of Zorin Os. However, tests carried out with weak PCs (CPU 2 DUO and 2GB RAM) were carried out by the author of the video above. They really showed that the Core and Lite versions run with almost the same lightness


If anyone is looking to download Z17.1 Lite, it is hidden from the main download page options, but can be found here: Getting Zorin OS Lite - Zorin Help

It will, yes. When You follow the Link from @zabadabadoo there is an Explanation for this Step from the Developers, too.