Software Center Duplicates

Noticing lots of software center duplicates.
In the screenshot, you can see Document Scanner, Evince, Flameshot all show up twice. Many more do too. How can I fixed this for my OCD?
I'm pretty teksavy, but also very basic to my understanding with linux, will need handholding with any help.

I too have duplicates , but in my case the Flathub repository is enabled. There are both apt package Flatpaks listed. There are three types of packages in the software center, Snap , Flatpack, and .debs from the repository. Snap is enabled by default and maybe the cause of duplicate entries. Flatpak has to be manually enabled. A forth type of package for Linux is an appimage.

Okay I solved by removing all other sources, and rebooting my system and that just left Flathub.

I would have removed the flatpak source.


Yes. You just broke gnome-software, GamingGav. If you left only the Flathub source, you lost access to most packages.
Those "Duplicates" only show suggested packages and the different forms they can be offered in. Snap, flat or APT.
I highly recommend re-enabling the APT sources. Whether you want to remove the snap or flats (I do) is up to you... But a perfectly viable option is to not let the duplicate offerings bother you.:wink:

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I dont see duplicates. When i look into the shop and want to install a application i can select between .deb package or flatpak

Is it possible to completely remove software app ? I am using only terminal for everything xD

I am the same way. But sadly, gnome-software is integrated into the Zorin Desktop and removing it will also remove the Desktop Environment.
Removing gnome-software will break Zorin OS.

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Even for Zorin lite,Xfce ?

Yes, on Zorin OS Lite, removing gnome-software will remove the zorin-os-lite-desktop with it.


I did not realize that Gnome has that integration even in zorin-os-lite. Seems like bits of it are in Lite, which I can live with, if there was option to remove if desired.

I believe it has to do with the Software Updater system.

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I usually update or install with Synaptic or terminal. But I am guessing the system upgrade uses this updater? Unless I update through the terminal?

The updater checks for updates in the background. periodically, it will update the sources and then run a check. If there are upgrade packages available, you will be alerted with a Pop Up asking if you would like to install them.

Right thanks. I am not in front of my computer now, but I assume one can uninstall this and just remember to use the terminal? I installed lite minimal so I don't think there are snap packages to update anyways. I guess flathub would need this updater though. I try to keep my system deGmomed, deSnaped, and deFlatpacked as much as I can. :grin:

These have interdependencies in the Zorin OS and Zorin OS Lite desktops.
Yes, you can untangle and remove them, tediously, but I do not recommend it. The updater can be helpful at times. You do not want to break anything. And they really do not take up much space.

I remove Snapd and Flatpak right off. This prevents them from influencing my Gnome-Software results (Which only affects me when I am examining it to help a user with issues with that software... I never use it otherwise.)

Gnome-Software can be annoying, but it is not data-mining or spying and reporting your activities to marketing. There is popularity contest which is far more legitimate than people fear.
So, over-all, it is not damaging to have it installed and can even still be useful in an emergency.


This is good information. Thanks. I will go with your recommendations.

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